November 1, 2007

A boy, a girl and a thousand-old legend

Air mangaTitle: Air
Story: Visual Arts/Key
Art: Katsura Yukimaru
Volumes: 2
Genre: Drama

I just finished reading Air earlier. The OVA is much sadder than the manga and I think that there's something missing in the manga that was in the OVA.

Air focuses on the story of Kamio Misuzu. She lives in a quiet town without any friends and was always alone until she met Kunisaki Yukito. He was travelling, looking for work as a street performer. She asks him if they could be friends and at that chance meeting, an unstoppable legend that spans a thousand years starts to unfold and consumes both Misuzu and Yukito.

Air is based on a visual novel. It also has, as I mentioned, an OVA, a 13-episode series, and a 2-episode special. The manga and the OVA focuses on Misuzu's story alone, as compared to the visual novel and the anime which includes the lives of two other girls.

Actually, I'm kinda asking myself why I read the manga. Oh right... I thought that it would give me a more in-depth story as compared to the OVA. I was wrong though. I'll try watching Air (TV) and the special when I have extra time I guess.

If you're looking for a good drama manga, try skipping Air first until you've actually run out of stuff to read. (Try Kanon instead.)
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