June 22, 2007


Wow it's been quite some time since either of us posted. Anyway, Jeff had a teaching simulation earlier today for this part-time tutoring job he's applying for. He also got accepted in this freelance writing company and I'll help him do papers so I can have a share of his earnings lol. I'm almost at $10 in myLot too! More monies for toys!

Speaking of toys, we went to a ToyCon last Saturday and met up with some of the members of the toy-collectors club we belong to. They were nice ^_^ Jeff and I also had a couple of hauls during the event which led to us being more broke than we already are... Well, at least I'm broke. Jeff has hidden money.

Hmmm what else? Well I can't think of any so it's up to Jeff to write more about ToyCon or whatever.