April 26, 2011

Why are vinyl toys so expensive?

I'd really love to get these babies, but heck. Price tags make me think twice, thrice and four times over.

Tokidoki Frenzies (Php280 each)

Cactus Pups (Php280 each)

Cuteness comes with a steep price, it seems.

April 25, 2011

Summer Komikon 2011

So this post is a little bit late. (That and I haven't had an update for almost two months.)

Summer Komikon 2011 was held last April 16, 2011 at the Bayanihan Center. The venue was a blessing since it's really convenient so me and the boyfriend had a chance to attend.

I was really happy that I did, too, as I was able to get indie comic books and some signed posters. I wasn't able to take pictures though as I was too busy pointing to the boyfriend which comic books I wanted to buy.

Here are the pictures of the hauls though~

I'm very much happy with my hauls! I do wish however that I brought along even just one volume of Kikomachine since its creator, Manix Abrera, was there. I could've had it signed. My Trese comics are with my friend so I never had a chance of getting those signed, but the posters I got are signed by both Budjette Tan and KaJo Baldisimo, so that's good enough ^_^

The other comics that I was looking for weren't there, so I'm hoping my friend could get my copies of those from a local store. Hoping, hoping~

Now that I enjoyed my first Komikon, me and the boyfriend are sure to attend the next ones :D