January 24, 2009

Blog Changes

So I mentioned some changes I'm planning to do to Poopsies in my last post. I was too lazy to do any of my work this morning, so I went about to actually doing the changes to this site:
  1. The URL: I changed the URL to http://thepoopsies.blogspot.com
  2. Some other stuff: I deleted some stuff here and there. Not that anyone would actually notice.
So there. That's all the changes XD

January 22, 2009

Back with a new line

Belated Happy New Year and Advanced Happy Chinese New Year!

It's 2009 and I'm starting a new line of toys to collect...well, partly. I think I may have a strong influence over my boyfriend, Shad. He's already starting to collect toys too and I'm not helping with cutting down his hobby expenses. Instead, I'm helping with the hobby expenses lol.

Anyway, we're starting to collect Star Wars toys too. More notably, the 3" Titanium Die Cast vehicles and the Star Wars Transformers. Ah yeah, late last year, I've also already started my Mighty Muggs collection and I'm very very proud of my Fertility Idol exclusive (from the Indiana Jones set).

But check out our latest toy (forgive the image quality as I'm at the office as I write this and I don't have a decent camera with me):

First, there's Chewbacca (Shad's)

...then comes Han Solo (MINE MINE MINE!)

...and combining them both, we have...

Yeah, it's awesome. I think he's planning on getting the Darth Vader/Deathstar next. Yippee! I want to start collecting the McFarlane's Dragons too but I think I have to just focus on what I started (aka Mighty Muggs) before I start a new one lol.

I have a bunch of pre-orders coming too so I can't really buy just about anything that I want (especially with income taxes skyrocketing like hell):
  1. Miyamoto Musashi (He's taking too long to arrive!)
  2. Yoshioka Seijuro (This is so going to look awesome with Musashi!)
  3. Senhime (Prettier than the first one.)
  4. Human Mage (I know I'd regret it if I missed her again..)
  5. Kanzaki Kaori (She reminds me of Rurouni Kenshin's Kaoru.)
  6. Suzumiya Haruhi (My first "extravagant" Haruhi figure!)
  7. Louise (So cute!!!!)
So you see? Definitely no room for another line XD

Oh yeah, I'll be doing some minor changes to the site (like the URL and all that). Well if anyone actually cares, I'll post the updates when I get around to doing them.