December 1, 2009

1st OtaKai Photo Shoot Contest

1st OtaKai Photo Shoot Contest
I've organized a figure photo shoot contest for OtaKai starting last October and the deadline is coming up soon! It's a test to see if this type of contest will click within the community and so far, it has had positive feedback and quite a number of members are going to join.

Me and spade13th (my primary adviser for this) decided to limit the participants based on their activity within the forum and their duration of membership in OtaKai. I guess we're just trying to weed out those who want to actively participate in the community just for the sake of joining the contest.

Anyway, the prizes will be from our favorite store Wasabi Toys and they have been kind enough to give out a Nendoroid Arawn and a Nendoroid Miku Hatsune for the winners!

I'll post the entries here once I've received a digital copy so you, my dear readers, can marvel at my friends' creativity with me~