February 26, 2009

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009

Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 PosterThe Tokyo International Anime Fair 2009 will be a 4-day event from March 18-March 21 at the Tokyo Big Sight (East Exhibition Halls No. 4,5 and 6).

I really, really, really want to attend this - at least the first day (18th). The reason is that there will be a press conference about Miyamoto Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai. It'll be an animated feature film slated for release this summer.

I think it will be an awesome film. It's directed by Mizuho Nishikubo and is produced by Production I.G (which are responsible for other animated movies like Ghost in the Shell and Patlabor).


February 23, 2009

Spring 2009 Anime Lineup

spring 2009 animeAnd so, with the end of February, we now have the lineup of anime shows for Spring 2009. This only means one thing: more anime backlog for me! I'm looking forward to some of the series here like:
  • Sengoku Basara (If you have been reading my past entries, I'm sure you know why.)
  • Queen's Blade: Rurou no Senshi (Mindless violence?)
  • Natsu no Arashi (I'm curious about this.)
  • Hanasekeru Seishounen (Pretty boys; need I say more?)
  • Lupin III vs. Detective Conan (I wonder who'd win...)
Anyway, here are the websites for some of the new series (and continuing series) plus some more series to be shown which are not included in the lineup image above. Also included are their airing dates:

3 - Gugutto Gokijyou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Website
20 - Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari Website
20 - Precure Allstars Website
26 - La Corda D'Oro ~Secondo Passo~ Website
31 - Mary and Gary Website
? - Lupin III vs. Detective Conan Website
? - Ristorante Paradiso Website

1 - Mainichi Kaa-san Website
2 - Phantom Website
3 - Higepiyo Website
4 - Koukyou Shihen Eureka Seven: Pocket ga Niji de Ippai Website
5 - Dragon Ball Remastered Website
5 - Fullmetal Alchemist Website | Preview
5 - Guin Saga Website
5 - Hanasakeru Seishounen Website
5 - Jewel Pets Website
5 - Konnichi wa Ann: Before Green Gables Website
5 - Metal Fight Beyblade Website
5 - Natsu no Arashi Website
5 - Youth KERU Website
24 - Gurren Lagann Website
? - 07-Ghost Website
? - Basquash Website
? - Chi's Sweet Home Website
? - Eden of the East Website
? - Haruhi TV Rerun Website
? - K-ON! Website
? - Pandora Hearts Website
? - Queen's Blade Rurou no Senshi Website
? - Romance of the Three Kingdoms Website
? - Sengoku Basara Website | Preview
? - Shangri-La Website
? - Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Crimson S Website
? - Sugar Bunnies Website
? - TAYUTAMA: Kiss on my Deity Website | Preview
? - Tears to Tiara Website | Preview

? - Fight Ippatsu! Jyuuden-chan! Website

Unknown Release Dates
Asura Cryin' Website
Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestoria Website
Cross Game Website
Hatsukoi Limited Website
Hayate no Gotoku Phase 2 Website
Robo Crosser Website
Saki Website | Preview
Valkyria Chronicles: Gallian Chronicles Website


February 19, 2009

Woohoo I found you, Slash!

I've been wondering where I could get Guitar Hero figures by McFarlane after seeing them on this site. They're awesomely cool, IMO, especially since Guitar Hero's like one of my favorite games ever. I even have the game for my DS - but that's another story.

So I was walking around the mall with my boyfriend and we entered this comic shop to look at some manga (he was busy with the Western comics) and guess what I saw: Guitar Hero's Slash! Like it was just there staring back at me in all its 10-inch glory!

He looks like this:

Guitar Hero Slash 10-inch figureAwesome right? So I was contemplating on whether I can spare the money that I've started to save for my pre-orders. Sadly, I couldn't. So I have to see whether I can spare some money for Slash from my next payday... Still have to wait until next week for that decision.

So I was about to walk outside the store so as to resist any more temptations, not only from Slash, but also from the shelves of manga, when my boyfriend called me. He was pointing to a set of clamshell-packaged figures which I thought he wanted. I approached him and looked at what he was pointing to only to realize that there were more Guitar Hero figures! They're sold as a set of four, and more pricey than Slash so I have to figure out which I want more. I can only afford to buy one (either Slash or the set of 4) - given that I have some cash to spare during the next pay day.

I hate you Philippine government! You and your stupid tax tables!!

February 12, 2009

Curse you Alter!

I passed up on the GSC Shuraki series because 1) they're hard to complete as a set and 2) I don't want just one.. I want all 5 of them. Having said this, I want to clear up that I just passed up on them. I'm not closing my doors on the girls. In the event that I'm able to find all 5, I'd still get them.

Now, however, Alter is teaming up with Hobby Japan to produce a new line - probably their answer to the Shuraki series: the Hyakka-Ryoran or the Samurai Girls. They will be made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hobby Japan Magazine. They are 2D female versions of some of the famous samurai in history. The character designs are made by Niθ and they're looking good: (click image to see higher resolution)

Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls
First up is a loli-looking Sanada Yukimura:

Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls Sanada Yukimura
Then we have a rather voluptuous Yagyu Jubei:

Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls Yagyu JubeiThey are both on the 1/8 scale but the prices and the release dates are still unknown. Man, awesome. They're considered sold when I first saw them! Although the thing is, I told myself that I'd lie-low from buying toys after May since my pre-orders would end on that month. Then Alter comes out with this!!! OMG I am 101% sure that my hobby is going to kill me soon. But then again, I feel fulfilled whenever I get a figure. *Weighs hunger and happiness* Yeah, at least I'll die happy XD

So I decided on one thing: If the local shops offer them, I'll get them. If not, then fate is telling me to pass up until some other time. Good enough?

Afro Samurai Resurrection is cool just because.

afro samurai resurrection
Title: Afro Samurai Resurrection
Episode: 1
Studio: Gonzo
Genre: Seinen

I was really looking forward to watching the sequel to Afro Samurai since I loved it so much and this time around, I wasn't disappointed! Not one bit!

So the story starts with Afro already at peace with himself, no longer fighting and just sculpting idols of various people he encountered with his life (and some religious idols here and there). Kuma then appears and brutally harasses Afro, taking Afro by his hair as Kuma rides his motorcycle to some deserted place.

We then meet Sio (who is incidentally Kuma's - or Jinno's - sister). She takes the Number One head band from Afro without actually fighting him. This kinda irks me as she does not have the right to challenge Afro as she does not have the Number Two head band in her possession. She tells Afro that she plans on resurrecting Afro's father, Rokutaro, just to kill him again, more brutally this time around. This statement wakes up the Afro Samurai as we met him in the first series and he journeys on to find and acquire the Number Two head band so that he could challenge Sio and regain the Number One place.

I won't continue on with the rest of the plot as it might destroy the viewing pleasure of Afro Samurai Resurrection for those who might have not watched it yet (in the event that the paragraph above has not spoiled it for you).

Anyway, the animation of Afro Samurai Resurrection is pretty much the same with Afro Samurai except that there's more color now. The bright colors are minimal - as the whole thing pretty much looks monotone to me - but they appear throughout the series through different objects, my favorite being the floats during the festival scene. It looked way awesome.

As for the fight scenes, they were more awesome than the floats lol. So much blood and so much violence. I felt my adrenaline rushing as I watched Afro fight off multitudes of challengers especially during the first few minutes of the movie. (Well, don't think that I actually want to do that, but Afro Samurai's just that cool, y'know.) I was just disappointed at Afro and Rokutaro's "fight scene", if you could even call it that. Pretty much devastating actually that their fight would be portrayed like that. Sux, rly.

Tear-jerkers? None, of course. Although there are some scenes that wrenched my heart, or not. Just the usual realizations, flashbacks and whatnots that bring more meaning to Afro Samurai Resurrection than just some bloody battles and a quest for revenge.

The voice acting was pretty cool too. Samuel L. Jackson reprised his role as Afro - this time with more actual lines than just mere grunts - and Lucy Liu did a good job being Sio's voice. I don't think it sounded like her one bit, but I guess that that's the beauty of it. Sio was a good antagonist and Lucy Liu helped her be just that.

I'm hoping for a third installment to Afro Samurai. Why? Because just as the movie ends, there's a scene there with... Okay, I guess I shouldn't spoil that part either. I mentioned it so you, my dear reader, would expect something towards the end.

Thinking about it, Afro Samurai is just a vicious cycle for revenge. Justice killed Rokutaro, Afro killed Justice and by the looks of it, someone will train hard to kill Afro. Who? You have to watch to find out ^_^

February 9, 2009

More Samurai Men!

Square Enix Vagabond Miyamoto Musashi

I finally got my hands on Sengoku Basara's Chosokabe Motochika by Kotobukiya last Saturday. I haven't opened the box yet and he looks quite small, but definitely heavy. Probably it's because of the fact that his base plays different lines by him. I had Sanada Yukimura reserved to my name and I just need to pick him up -- probably next week, given that this Saturday is Valentine's Day so I have plans!

Now the only one left to complete this series of figures is Date Masamune. I hope the local toy store where I bought (and will be buying) the other two will have stocks of him soon ;_;

In other news, FINALLY! Patsy (of Wasabi Toys) emailed me that my Miyamoto Musashi will be arriving this month!! I can't wait!!! I'm hoping I could get it together with my Human Mage. I'm quite bummed that I wasn't able to get myself a Rangiku though T^T

I really will die soon. I need to find a sideline quick!!