February 9, 2009

More Samurai Men!

Square Enix Vagabond Miyamoto Musashi

I finally got my hands on Sengoku Basara's Chosokabe Motochika by Kotobukiya last Saturday. I haven't opened the box yet and he looks quite small, but definitely heavy. Probably it's because of the fact that his base plays different lines by him. I had Sanada Yukimura reserved to my name and I just need to pick him up -- probably next week, given that this Saturday is Valentine's Day so I have plans!

Now the only one left to complete this series of figures is Date Masamune. I hope the local toy store where I bought (and will be buying) the other two will have stocks of him soon ;_;

In other news, FINALLY! Patsy (of Wasabi Toys) emailed me that my Miyamoto Musashi will be arriving this month!! I can't wait!!! I'm hoping I could get it together with my Human Mage. I'm quite bummed that I wasn't able to get myself a Rangiku though T^T

I really will die soon. I need to find a sideline quick!!
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