November 29, 2007

Airing Schedules!

true tearsThese are tentative schedules so they can change anytime. I'll keep this list updated as much as I can. Oh and newly added series are in italics. Updates are in bold. [Last update: 12-02-08]

  • Saa! Iko Tamagocchi - [12/01]
  • Ah! Megami-sama! Tatakau Tsubasa - [12/08]
  • AYAKASHI - [12/12]
  • 25 Year Anniversary! Ano Macross ga Shuunen Kuruzo SP!! [12/23]
  • Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 3 -Kurenai no Tsuki- - [12/28]
  • Wellber no Monogatari Second Part - [01/01]
  • Rosario to Vampire - [01/03]
  • Hatenkou Yuugi - [01/04]
  • .HACK//G.U. TRILOGY Perfect Memory Special - [01/04]
  • Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de - [01/04]
  • true tears - [01/05]
  • MAJOR 4th season - [01/05]
  • Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Season 2 - [01/05]
  • Shigofumi - [01/04]
  • PERSONA -trinity soul- - [01/05]
  • Zenryoku Usagi - [01/05]
  • Minami-ke ~Okawari~ - [01/06]
  • Porphy no Nagai Tabi - [01/06]
  • ARIA The ORIGINATION - [01/07]
  • Ookami to Koushinryou - [01/08]
  • Noramimi - [01/09]
  • Hakaba Kitarou - [01/10]
  • Koharu Biyori Part II - [01/13]
  • Moegaku 5 - [01/14]
  • Yatterman New Series - [01/14]
  • OnChan - [01/18]
  • Yes! Precure 5 GOGO! - [02/2008]
  • Mnemosyune -Mnemosyune no Musume-tachi- - [02/2008]
GUNSLINGER GIRL -IL TEATRINO- - I'm not really sure what this is, but I'm guessing it's the second season. Or not. Visit the official site here.

Koharu Biyori Part II - This is probably the sequel of Koharu Biyori whose story revolves around a guy who purchases a maid robot for other tasks aside from the ones that maids are supposed to do. Visit the official site here.

Yes! Precure 5 GOGO! - This is the fifth installment of the Precure series. Visit the official site here.

Moegaku 5 - This is based on a dating sim game. It's about a girl who is guided by 5 guys as she goes through different languages. Oh and Hirano Aya's voice is lent to the character called "the goddess". Visit the official site here.

New Update!
.HACK//G.U. TRILOGY Perfect Memory Special - I have no idea what this is, so here's the link to it's site.

OnChan - I can't find anything on this newly added series, so here's the link (again!).


November 28, 2007

Winter 2008 Anime List

noramimiI have here the list of the Winter 2008 anime lineup. A few of them are sequels so in case you're suddenly interested in any of them, better get a copy of the first seasons and watch it. You still have a month or so to finish those before these are aired.

I can't give full descriptions for all the series since most of them don't have them yet. For those that don't have any descriptions, I'll give the links to their official sites. Anyway, on with the list:

Ah! Megami-sama Tatakau Tsubasa - This is the third season of Ah! Megami-sama. The story continues one year after Keiichi and Belldandy met. A threat to their happiness comes and the contract between them might end.

Ayakashi - This is based on a visual novel and is different from the Ayakashi released in 2006. Watch the trailer here.

ARIA the ORIGINATION - Another sequel to the original ARIA. Visit the official site here.

H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ - This is based on a visual novel. The protagonist is a blind guy. Visit the official site here.

Hakaba Kitarou - I'm not really sure what this is, so why don't you just give its official site a look.

Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 3 -Kurenai no Tsuki- - I've still no idea what this is but it looks nice (the animation does, at the very least). Visit the official site here.

Hatenkou Yuugi - This is adapted from a manga and the story revolves around a girl kicked out of her house and a guy who wants revenge for the death of his father. They aren't the best of friends but something attracts them to each other - it could be for each other or their magic powers.

Macross Frontier - This is another Macross sequel whose story is set in 2070 aboard the 11th Macross Frontier. The story features new pop songs, new love interests and the same mecha.

Major (Season 4) - This is the fourth season of the baseball anime.

Minami-ke ~Okawari~ - This is the second season of the anime about three sisters. It's mentioned that this season is more of a retelling plus more moe. Visit the official site here.

Mnemosyune -Mnemosyune no Musume-tachi- - There's not much information yet regarding this anime except that it might just be 6 episodes long. Visit the official site here.

Noramimi - This is the anime adaptation of Kazuo Hara's manga. The story is set in a world where families can contact mascot agencies and find a mascot suitable for their kids. Noramimi is a mascot of one of those mascot agencies.

Persona -trinity soul- - This is the sequel to Persona 3. The story takes place ten years after the game's events. Visit the official site here.

Porphy no Nagai Tabi - This is an animated adaptation of the French novel Les Orphelins de Simitra by Paul-Jacques Bonzon. Visit the official site here.

Rosario + Vampire - This is based on a manga about a boy who finds himself enrolled in a school for monsters. Now he must do everything to pass his subjects and not let the students of his new school learn about what he really is.

Saa! Iko Tamagotchi - I'm not sure what this anime is all about but I'm guessing it's about Tamagotchi. Visit the site here.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Season 2) - The despair-filled teacher is back together with his students. Visit the official site here.

Shigofumi - This is based on a visual novel. The animation looks good but I have no idea about the story yet. Visit the official site here.

Sisters of Wellber (Season 2) - This is the sequel of the anime about a princess who was pampered all her life but due to some events, she has to get used to the rough life. Visit the official site here.

They are My Noble Masters - This is based on an eroge (erotic game). The story revolves around two sisters, desperate for money, lands a job as maidservants to three sisters. The thing is, when you pledge service to their family, absolute loyalty is needed and demanded.

true tears - This is based on a visual novel. Visit the official site here.

Wolf and Spice - This is based on a novel about a man who encounters a wolf-girl.

Yatterman - This is a remake of the 1977 anime. This is I think the only mecha show for the Winter 2008 lineup. Visit the official site here.

Zenryoku Usagi - This is based on a manga by Ikeda Kei about construction workers who happen to be rabbits.

If I missed anything, do tell me. I'll also try to keep this updated (probably in new entries or I'll make a link to this post on the right panel).

November 27, 2007

Underwear for the Gamer Chick!

space invaders underwear
Gamer Ladies! Would you wear this? For the men, would you make your girlfriend wear Space Invaders-themed undergarments?

I'd definitely wear something like this. Jeff was like 0_o and I was like X3 when I stumbled on this picture while surfing for random things. It's cute, isn't it? With the black-and-pink colors highlighting all those little colorful aliens.

The top-and-panty pair is especially cute :3

November 25, 2007

Magical Princess Holy Up!

akazukin cha chaSeries: Akazukin Cha Cha
Episodes: 74
Studio: Nihon Ad Systems
Genre: Shoujo

Akazukin Cha Cha (or Red Hood Cha Cha) is probably the one that got me really into anime. I'm not counting the mecha anime like Voltron and Voltes V of course (since I wasn't really aware that that's what they're called). For those who aren't aware, Akazukin Cha Cha is an old anime, shown back in 1995.

Akazukin Cha Cha has a simple plot: a magical girl named Cha Cha and her two friends Riiya, the wolf-boy, and Shiine, a wizard, saves the fictional world from harm and on the process, they learn about Cha Cha's past. They go to a magical school with kids (and teachers) of all sorts, including some classmates they made friends with: a mermaid, a ninja and a witch.

Ah! I almost forgot to tell you why Akazukin Cha Cha is a "magical girl anime": Cha Cha transforms into a princess-warrior named Magical Princess (very creative, I know...) using a pendant called Princess Medallion (another burst of creativity there!). The thing is, the Princess Medallion will only transform Cha Cha if it's used with Riiya's magical bracelet and Shiine's magical Ring. Oh and only after Cha Cha shouts:

"Let Love, Courage and Hope... Magical Princess Holy Up!!"

Anyway, it's a kiddie anime, more of comedy than romance. Oh and I also heard that the anime is a far cry from the manga. I wouldn't really know since I haven't read the manga yet (surprising!!). It's very lighthearted and you wouldn't have any trouble watching the series. Yep, all 74 episodes of them. Akazukin Cha Cha also has LOADS of interesting characters like Seravi, Dorothy, Barabaraman, Rascal...oh and the Principal!

Cha Cha's wacky antics and spells will keep you laughing because they usually start all the trouble at each episode. Never mind the cheesy line you just read up there that Cha Cha uses when she'd transform. Lol just watch it for the sheer fun of something that can make you laugh! Everybody needs to laugh once in a while XD

November 24, 2007

Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari

deep love ayu no monogatariTitle: Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari
Story & Art: Yoshii Yuu
Volumes: 2
Genre: Josei

Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari is the first of four Deep Love stories. It's kind of like the main story and the other three are just spin-offs or something. Erm well the characters for the other three Deep Love stories (Deep Love Host, Deep Love ~ Reina no Unmei and Deep Love ~ Pao no Monogatari) are all introduced in Ayu's story and they all play an essential part there.

With that clear, Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari is definitely not for kids. It has lots of sex and adult themes that you wouldn't want your little sister (or brother) to read about. Not until they're say, 20. It's a mature josei manga, not smut, mind you, so the story is substantial. Substantial and sad.

Speaking of the story, Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari is about a girl named Ayu. (Ayu no Monogatari literally translates to "Ayu's Tale.") She's a lost soul who's trying to search for a meaning to her life. Being a teenager with no one to guide her, she's gotten mixed up with some bad crowd and has led a pretty wayward life.

Ayu sells her body to support herself and her addiction to drugs. That's how she's lived her life until an old woman takes her under her wing and for the first time in her life, Ayu felt as if she was really needed and loved. Circumstances arose which led her into meeting a boy who has some sort of heart disease and Ayu finally finds meaning in her life. Things don't turn out well for her though and her story ends tragically.

Yes, yes. You have to read the manga to know what exactly happened to Ayu. If you decide to read Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari, I'm 99% sure that you won't regret it. It's a dark, sad and touching story that people can relate to even if they don't sell their bodies for money and drugs.

The artwork is great too. The drawing style is similar to Yayoi Ogawa's if you're familiar with her works like Kimi wa Petto. The dialogue that transpires between the characters is superb too and it kinda gets you thinking about your own life as well. Oh and I did mention that you'll meet the characters that are featured in their own Deep Love manga: Pao (a stray puppy that Ayu picked up), Reina (Ayu's friend who is loyal through and through) and Yoshiyuki (the boy who has heart disease).

After you finish reading Ayu's story, I'm pretty sure you'd want to read all three immediately. They're at most 1-2 volumes long each so it's not that much of an effort to do so, right? ^^

November 22, 2007

Cute little things called Nendoroid.

yagami death note nendoroidHave you ever heard the term Nendoroid (Nendroid)?

If you're into collecting figures, I'm pretty sure that you've heard of Nendoroid/Nendroid at one point or another, even if you've no idea what they are.

If you don't collect figures, well nendoroids are cute little figures that has extra parts for maximum cuteness. They're chibi, actually. Chibi and super-deformed (SD).

There are lots of nendoroids these days, mostly coming from popular anime like Death Note, Fate/Stay Night and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu. I don't have a nendoroid despite me thinking that I would love to have all published nendoroids so far. Nendoroid figures are pretty expensive despite being so small. They're uber cute though so when I have some cash to spare, I'd probably get me one or a couple of those.

Here are some of examples of nendoroids!

From Death Note, L, Misa and Ryuk:
L death note nendoroid Misa death note nendoroid ryuk death note nendoroid

From Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki:
haruhi nendoroid mikuru nendoroid yuki nendoroid

From Fate/Stay Night, Saber, Rider and Rin:
saber nendoroid rider nendoroid rin nendoroid

Various other nendoroid (L-R: Lucky Star, Ghost in the Shell and Binchou-tan):
lucky star nendoroid tachikoma nendoroid binchou-tan nendoroid

There are a lot more nendoroid out there. Just check out some online stores (you can use the search function on the lower left panel) if you want to see more nendoroid.

I just got tagged.

konata, lucky star, raki sutaaI suddenly found my name tagged in badkitty's blog, so here goes...

50 Things to do before I die:

01. - 10. Find ways on how to become a really rich person
11. - 20. Travel the seven continents and the three Philippine islands
21. - 30. Buy everything that I want (insert 10 general categories here)
31. - 40. Do everything that I want (insert 10 crazy acts here)
41. - 50. Help my family and friends (insert 10 ways on how to do that or 10 people to help)

There you have it! 50 things I want to do before I die. As for tagging the next people who'd do this meme... I tag EVERYONE who visits Poopsies! *Mwa ha ha ha* (MDSANTA YOU'RE TAGGED.)

November 21, 2007

Hyde and Gackt...Vampires?

moon childMoon Child is a movie made by Hyde (of L'Arc~en~Ciel) and Gackt Camui. To be perfectly honest, I only wanted to watch this because of Hyde but it ended up to be a fairly nice movie. It's not something that I would call exceptionally good because it's mainly fan service for females, considering two bishounen playing the lead parts. It's entertaining enough to merit a second, a third -- well I watch it again and again from time to time.

This post contains spoilers from here on. You've been warned!

Moon Child's plot happens during the year 2014 in Japan. It's mostly an economic crisis so the Japanese had to live in China, in a city called Mallepa. Three brothers, Sho being the youngest one, lived in the city who had to steal just to survive. One night after stealing from a gangster, Sho finds a man who's at the brink of death. Sho rescues the man and brings him to their house just as the gangster came after them. The rescued man saved Sho and his brothers from the gangster -- the rescued man, known as Kei, is a vampire.

After Sho discovers that Kei is a vampire and Kei's surprise that Sho isn't afraid of him, the story fast forwards to the time when Sho's a grown man (probably in his late teens to very early 20s). They're still robbing but they hooked up with a Taiwanese man, Son, who is out to get revenge for his sister. Incidentally, Son's target is also the target of Kei and Sho's robbery.

After a series of incidents, Kei lands in prison. After nine years, Sho is a prominent gang leader and married to Son's sister while Son is a member of a rival gang. Sho hears about Kei in one news report and decides to help him. Fast track a bit and we find Sho deep in despair, wanting to go back to his friend, Kei. Kei, as soon as he hears about Sho's troubles, revives his will to continue living.

I'll stop at this point as the story is spoilt enough. Mind you though, that isn't the end of it yet. Moon Child is pretty much thought-provoking, dealing with issues of life and death. Pretty obvious since one of our main characters is a vampire. As both our lovely bishounen are singers, it's impossible for Moon Child to not have at least one song. It does! and in the form of Orenji ni Taiyou and a good, deep song at that. (Do get the song if you can!)

One thing I'll make clear though: I've heard some people say that Kei and Sho had a relationship beyond that of friendship (i.e. they're gay). I don't think that's true though. I did get the idea since their characters are really close but at the end, I realized that they pretty much treated each other like brothers, best friends oh and the fact that Kei was Sho's mentor already imposes a different sort of relationship between them.

As I said earlier, it isn't much of a great movie. When you decide to watch it, make sure to leave any expectations and enjoy the movie as it is. You might find out that you'd want to watch it again like me. Or maybe not ^_^

Aishiteruze Baby

aishiteruze babySeries: Aishiteruze Baby
Episodes: 26
Studio: Tokyo Movie Shinsha
Genre: Shoujo

Aishiteruze Baby is probably one of the very few anime series which I think is equal to its manga predecessor in terms of quality. I didn't really plan on watching Aishiteruze Baby, but the main character, Yuzuyu, caught my eye just because she's so darn cute. (Although if I see a kid who looks like her in real life, I'd probably be scared.)

So Aishiteruze Baby is about Yuzuyu, a very young girl who gets left behind by her own mother after circumstances forced her mom to desert her. She stays in her aunt's home and her cousin, Kippei, a high school student, becomes Yuzu's guardian unwillingly.

Over time, and a few events (including Kippei getting into a serious relationship for the first time with classmate Kokoro), Kippei and Yuzu learn how to depend on each other and they realize that they need each other. I wouldn't really dare to go further so as not to spoil the story.

All 26 episodes will show Yuzuyu growing and as she grows older, she starts forgetting her past - and her mother. Aishiteruze Baby made me feel all sorts of emotions as I watched it. It's happy, heartwarming, sad, pitiful and whatnot all at the same time. All those plus CUTE.

At the end of Aishiteruze Baby, you'll probably find yourself saying corm and singing "Oni- oni... Giri- giri... Oooo-nigiri!" and wishing you either had an older guy cousin like Kippei, a cool girlfriend like Kokoro or a kid cousin like Yuzuyu!

November 20, 2007

Will you kill your friends to survive?

battle royaleTitle: Battle Royale
Story & Art: Koushun Takami
Volumes: 15
Genre: Seinen

I read the Battle Royale book and watched the first movie, so I figured, why not read the manga too, right? So I did. And oh my god was I out of words on how to describe it. Honestly, I don't know what's worse: leaving the violence and gore up to my imagination or seeing it laid out to me in all its bloody glory.

15 volumes might seem a lot, but with all the action Battle Royale has to offer, you won't notice that you're already halfway done -- not until you actually make an effort to see which volume you're reading. Battle Royale's fast-paced but has enough substance which prevents it from being considered a shallow story that bases it's popularity on pure violence.

First-timers! The gist: Battle Royale is a story about a class sent to a deserted island to participate in a government-organized game simply called The Program. The object of the game is simple: hunt and kill your classmates and when you're the last one alive, you're the winner. It's your choice if you want to play the game or not. If you do, then harden yourself and prepare to kill your friends.

If you don't... Just pray that nobody finds you and somehow, people miraculously kill themselves off until you're the last one alive.

Battle Royale is a good story. I mean, it's unique in every way you look at it. What I like about the manga is that it gives more story beyond the story. Did I just confuse you? Erm... The main story is how this one class is chosen to participate in The Program. The story beyond that are those little side-stories about the characters - childhood, current events with the family they left behind, etc.

Each character in Battle Royale is different from the other... Each has his own characteristic and past - it's a carefully thought-out story that will help the reader relate with the story and characters more. Especially the main characters.

As for the artwork, if you're easily grossed-out, I suggest you just read the Battle Royale novel and skip the manga and the movie. The violent scenes where in the students are killed are very intricately drawn. All the details are there: from bones, muscles, name it and it's there. When a student becomes deranged, the way their eyes are drawn shows how loopy they've become, it's creepy. Oh but don't worry, it's not all that bad. There's some eye candy in there too (ref: Sugimura, Mimura, Takako, Mitsuko) and some nude/sex scenes that don't even go near's way beyond that. So watch out.

Is Battle Royale recommended? Definitely. If you're planning to read Battle Royale, I've given enough warnings here so you know what to anticipate. If you can't stomach the events in the first volume, there's only one thing left for you to do:

Stop reading and don't attempt to go any further.

November 16, 2007

On Dragon Ball, Astro Boy and a bit of randomness

Okay, first up, the lead actors for the upcoming Dragon Ball movie has been announced and here they are:

justin chatwin gokuGoku
(Justin Chatwin)

james marsters piccoloPiccolo
(James Marsters)

And your thoughts, please? Can you actually imagine them playing Goku and Piccolo? Well, Piccolo sure, since he'll be heavily covered with make-up, but Goku?? Anyway, the movie is directed by James Wong (The One), produced by Stephen Chow (Kung Fu Hustle) and will be released on August 15, 2008.

Next up, I have here the first concept art picture for the upcoming Astro Boy movie. It was given to First Showing and if you want to see the picture a bit bigger, just follow the link.

astro boy movie concept art
Lastly, I did promise a "bit of randomness" so here goes:

A man was arrested last November 14 for stealing 101 volumes of manga, including the titles Hana Yori Dango and Case Closed, from Edogawa. Apparently, he stole them to sell them to used books stores because he's broke and in debt. An employee from a neighboring bicycle shop saw him with his cargo and alerted the police.

Asahi Shimbun

November 14, 2007

French Zombies

I recently saw this anime called Le Chevalier D'Eon. It's been out since August of last year and was finished airing February this year. I've been seeing this almost everywhere for a long time already but it didn't really catch my interests.

Hard-to-pronounce titles turns me off ;)

Anyway, it started airing in our local 24-hour anime channel. I saw the trailer and it looks interesting. Oh and I finally found out how to pronounce the title.

Le Chevalier D'Eon is a story set in Paris during the mid-18th century. A woman was found dead in a casket while floating on water (a river, perhaps). She is found by her own brother who is heading an investigation about young women who all go missing and turn up dead. His own sister became one of the victims of the mysterious killer.

Oddly enough, the word PSALMS was written on the lid using blood. With a series of events that involve magic and different taboos, the woman, who is apparently known as Lia de Beaumont, wakes up to take revenge for her death. She uses the only weapon possible enough for her to use: her younger brother, D'Eon.

Sounds cool, huh? I'm gonna start watching this soon enough and give you, my dear readers, a decent review of the story.

Has anyone seen this though? I want to watch it because it seems cool enough for me, but I haven't really heard any feedback on Le Chevalier D'Eon. If you've seen it, tell me your thoughts!

November 13, 2007

Yaoi in Genshiken!!

genshiken ogiueI'm basically just going to rant, but Genshiken episode 5 did not appeal to me at all!! Honestly, Ogiue liking yaoi (uhm that's a genre focusing on love between men) is okay, but making an episode about this is crazy.

Okay, okay, maybe I'm over-reacting but I never really liked yaoi. (Yuri is a whole different topic.) I find it unusual and weird, bordering on plain gross. I was expecting to see some more progress on the story (if there ever was a story in Genshiken), but the whole episode is just about Ogiue planning to create a yaoi doujinshi using the men of Genshiken as the characters.

Yep, these are the pairings:
  • Sasahara x Madarame
  • Madarame x Tanaka
  • Sasahara x Kousaka
  • Madarame x Kugayama
  • Madarame x Kuchiki
Sigh, yes, mostly Madarame as he seems to be uke according to Ogiue. Oh that means the "bottom" in homosexual relationships. Inevitably, as the question of whether Ogiue will create the doujin or not still hangs, I'm sure I'll see this yaoi-themed Genshiken next episode, and hopefully, not the one after that.

Does anyone of you read or watch yaoi?



November 12, 2007

What makes you like...?

animeI've been meaning to ask this for quite some time. I get readers checking out my blog every now and then, some visiting certain pages only. I guess that's the only thing they find interesting in the whole blog.

There are readers who only care about anime. Some like manga. Others, video games. A bit of the readers focus on the figures and a minority on everything else. Of course, there are also some readers who go through everything like a vacuum.

So, my dear readers, I have a few questions that I want to ask you, and it would be really swell if you could answer them. (That would save me from looking like an idiot, addressing non-existent people.)

- Which among the topics here do you like the best?
- What makes you like them?
- When did you start liking them?
- Do you want me to cover something else? (aka "Suggestions")

If you're wondering how these things would help, it would help in making this blog better in terms of pleasing the regular readers who come back every now and then to get their dose of Poopsies. Well I'm not really sure if that would help at all since I normally just write about whatever I want to write, but yeah, at the very least, the thought of it should count right? ^w^

Just write a comment or a shout if you want me to write about something (as I'm running out of ideas because of setbacks in my reading/watching/buying).

November 10, 2007

The otaku adventure is given a just ending!

densha otoko ascii artIt has been released for a long time now (one year to be exact) but I only got to watch the two-hour long Densha Otoko live-action special today. Yes, today and no, I don't live under a rock.

The Densha Otoko special is officially called Densha Otoko DX~Saigo no Seizen, Saigo no Seizen translating to The Last Crusade. This Densha Otoko special is set a year after what happened in the series. One year is a long time, so the story starts with aliens noticing something wrong with Akihabara. I'm not kidding. Aliens do start the show, and they're pretty ugly aliens too. Not cute at all!

So yeah, because of the release of the Densha Otoko movie (see Train Man: Densha Otoko), we find Akihabara infested with non-otaku. The otaku lost their home and were forced to find sanctuary underground, where some maid cafes were built for the otaku-in-hiding.

So Densha finds himself suddenly famous, despite the fact that his real identity still is unknown. That doesn't stay that way too long though, otherwise, the two-hour special would be a total waste of time and electricity. Enter a very sly, eccentric yet excessively rich president of a new company who would do everything to...

1) get Hermes
2) raise his company's stocks
3) destroy Densha

So what happens to the rest of the story? Without any spoilers of course.. The president cooks up some ploy to ruin Densha and Hermes' relationship (that seems to be growing really strong). Densha finds himself back in the sadistic arms of Jinkama-san. Matilda (the figure) saves Densha's virginity from hungry Tahitian men. 2ch people come to Densha's rescue!

...and that's where I cried. Yep, I cried buckets-full of tears that my laptop was in the brink of destruction from too much snot. It's a very touching special, and you'll have to see it to understand. The Densha Otoko special isn't as funny as the series, but it gives you a sense of fulfillment after you watch it. It's more heartwarming than funny this time, but definitely still at the very top of my favorite live-actions ever!

Oh and Guitar Otaku makes an appearance!

November 9, 2007

Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad OST

beck mongolian chop squad ost albumTitle: Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad)
Anime: Beck
Tracks: 21
Artist: Various

One of my favorite anime soundtracks ever is from the anime Beck. After I finished watching the anime, I knew that I had to get myself a copy of the OST. Beck is the first of two soundtracks for the anime. Well three, if you consider the tribute album.

Beck features 21 tracks both from the anime and their "originals" as well as different versions of the same song. The album has songs from different genres of music - from rap to pop to rock - all of which are very catchy, and most of them are in English (Engrish) too.

The album also has the songs that Beck plays during their live shows as well as some songs that other bands played. If you've seen the anime, I'm sure you'll be singing along to Koyuki's Slip Out or Chiba's Brainstorm. If you don't know the words to the song, or the song itself, don't worry. The CD has a booklet that has all the lyrics for every song (with some screenies from the anime too).

The tracklist are as follows:

1. Brainstorm
2. Spice Of Life
3. Mad House
4. Sly
5. Face
6. Lost Melody
7. Follow Me
8. Japanese Title
9. Moon On The Water
10. Like A Foolin
11. Japanese Title
12. Gymnasium
13. Reloaded
14. Journey
15. Follow Me
16. My World Down
17. Love Dischord
18. By Her
19. I've Got A Feeling
20. Slip Out
21. Moon On The Water

November 8, 2007

A new live-action and a new album

honey and cloverToday we have two news bits for everyone.

1. Honey and Clover live-action series
Yep, that's right. After the successful manga that spawned not one, but two Honey and Clover series and a live-action movie, fans can now expect a live-action series. Riko Narumi will play Hagumi while Ikuta Touma will play Yuuta.

If you haven't read or seen Honey and Clover, and if you have no idea what it is, Honey and Clover is about the journey of five university art students towards adulthood.

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2. Gackt will record a Gundam album
J-Rock singer Gackt has been known to have sung some songs for the Mobile Suit Z Gundam and first three Gundam movies. He recently announced though that he will release an album made up solely of Gundam theme songs as a birthday gift to Gundam creator, Tomino Yoshiyuki.

Well Gackt is a self-confessed Gundam fan and I'm pretty sure he does this to suck-up make Tomino happy.

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November 7, 2007

Bouncy boobies?

tenjou tenge gashapon figures part 3Figure: Tenjou Tenge Gashapon Figures Part 3
Series: Tenjou Tenge
Characters: Natsume Maya and Natsume Aya
Size: 2" tall
Publisher: Kaiyodo

Okay. I just have to write about this one. Well I've been meaning to, but I just kept forgetting. There isn't much to say about this set of four tiny busts except that they have something both interesting and highly amusing at the same time... BOUNCY BOOBIES!!

Yes, you read that right. The main feature of the Tenjou Tenge Part 3 set is the bouncy boobs. It is highly noticeable when you look at chibi Maya (the only non-bust in the set). Her boobs are abnormally large so from just that, you'll kinda notice something different about it.

Behind those massive boobs, prominent cleavages and obvious shirts are nothing else except springs. Yep, that's the secret behind the Tenjou Tenge Part 3 figures. They aren't easily seen though, so don't worry. You have to kind of bend the boobs downward to see the spring.

The Tenjou Tenge Part 3 figures might be a waste if you just store it inside the display case (like my set). What you can do with them is to put them on your car's dashboard, if you have a car, and watch their boobies bounce! They're that bouncy. Actually, you can just line them up on the tabletop and hit the table with your hand...they'd bounce.

Anyway, I don't really know if these are still available. I guess if you look really hard, they might be. So if you like Tenjou Tenge, or like bouncy big boobies for that matter, get the Part 3 and have fun! ^_^

November 4, 2007

Upcoming Video Game to Movies List!

castlevania, tekken, god of war, street fighterJeff found a list of video games that are to made into movies in the years to come (2008 - 2010). I don't know if I should be happy that some of my favorite video games will have a live-action counterpart, but I think Jeff isn't.

Well, I enjoyed the Street Fighter movie (Van Damme) but everyone around me says that it's one of the suckiest movies ever made. It's my favorite though...but the subsequent video game to big screen movies, like Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead or Alive, are some of the movies that I totally did not enjoy at all.

Anyway, it's up to you to decide on which of these movies you'd go see when they're showing already...

Alice (2008)
Alone in the Dark II (2009)
Area 51 (2009)
Assassin's Creed (TBA)
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (2009)
Castlevania (Late 2008 or Early 2009)
Citizen Siege (2009)
City of Heroes (2010)
Clock Tower (2008)
Cold Fear (2008)
Death, Jr. (TBA)
Devil May Cry (2010)
Doom 2 (TBA)
Driver (2008)
EverQuest (TBA)
Far Cry (2008)
Fear Effect (2008)
Gears of War (2009)
God of War (TBA)
Hitman (2007)
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2008)
Kameo (2007)
Kane & Lynch (2009)
Max Payne (2007)
Metal Gear Solid (2009)
Mortal Kombat: Devastation (2010)
Ninja Gold (2010)
Onimusha (2009)
Postal (2007)
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2009)
Silent Hill 2 (2008)
Siren (2009)
Soulcalibur (2007)
Splinter Cell (2010)
Spy Hunter (2009)
Stranglehold (TBA)
Street Fighter (2008)
Tekken (2009)
The Neverhood (2009)
The Sims (2009)
The Suffering (2009)
The Unforgettable (2008)
Tomb Raider III (TBA)
Warcraft (2009)

I'm pretty sure that I'm going to watch Street Fighter, Tekken, Onimusha, Devil May Cry, Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia!

November 3, 2007

What do you do when a stalker is after you?

zashiki onnaTitle: Zashiki Onna
Story & Art: Mochizuki Minetaro
Volumes: 1
Genre: Seinen, Horror

What would you do if one day you find out that you're a target of a very creepy stalker?

Meet Mori. He's a normal college student who lives in an apartment complex. One night, he hears frantic knocking on his neighbor's door (who incidentally is his schoolmate). His neighbor seems too be away, so he goes out to see who is knocking.

He peeks outside and what does he see? A long-haired woman dressed in wet and dirty clothes, with chipped, long nails, and she's carrying a lot of bags. Mori tells her that the guy she's looking for is out when suddenly, she's right at his doorway, asking him if she could use his phone. He lets her, then asks her to leave immediately.

Bad move for Mori. Not only does the woman start calling "him", she diverts her stalking towards Mori...

Zashiki Onna is all about a guy being stalked by a woman. This manga came out long before the term "stalking" was known in Japan. It made people aware of the possibilities and dangers of being stalked. Zashiki Onna is known as one of the creepiest and horrific manga ever, and I totally agree.

The artwork alone sends chills up my spine. Add Zashiki Onna's story and you've got me looking around my room, listening for anything suspicious and continuously humming a very happy tune in my head.

Zashiki Onna is not scary in the same sense that ghosts stories and paranormal tales give you. What makes Zashiki Onna scary is the fact that it could happen to anyone, anywhere, anytime. The manga is about a woman who actually hurts anyone getting close to the man she's stalking. I think that's a lot scarier than ghosts and whatnot (although that ghost hanging off someone's shoulders is really unnerving).

I was completely surprised with Zashiki Onna the first time I read it. I certainly think you will too. Forget the spoilers here (since this much can be found about Zashiki Onna in any decent site) and go read the manga now ^_^

November 1, 2007

A boy, a girl and a thousand-old legend

Air mangaTitle: Air
Story: Visual Arts/Key
Art: Katsura Yukimaru
Volumes: 2
Genre: Drama

I just finished reading Air earlier. The OVA is much sadder than the manga and I think that there's something missing in the manga that was in the OVA.

Air focuses on the story of Kamio Misuzu. She lives in a quiet town without any friends and was always alone until she met Kunisaki Yukito. He was travelling, looking for work as a street performer. She asks him if they could be friends and at that chance meeting, an unstoppable legend that spans a thousand years starts to unfold and consumes both Misuzu and Yukito.

Air is based on a visual novel. It also has, as I mentioned, an OVA, a 13-episode series, and a 2-episode special. The manga and the OVA focuses on Misuzu's story alone, as compared to the visual novel and the anime which includes the lives of two other girls.

Actually, I'm kinda asking myself why I read the manga. Oh right... I thought that it would give me a more in-depth story as compared to the OVA. I was wrong though. I'll try watching Air (TV) and the special when I have extra time I guess.

If you're looking for a good drama manga, try skipping Air first until you've actually run out of stuff to read. (Try Kanon instead.)