November 28, 2007

Winter 2008 Anime List

noramimiI have here the list of the Winter 2008 anime lineup. A few of them are sequels so in case you're suddenly interested in any of them, better get a copy of the first seasons and watch it. You still have a month or so to finish those before these are aired.

I can't give full descriptions for all the series since most of them don't have them yet. For those that don't have any descriptions, I'll give the links to their official sites. Anyway, on with the list:

Ah! Megami-sama Tatakau Tsubasa - This is the third season of Ah! Megami-sama. The story continues one year after Keiichi and Belldandy met. A threat to their happiness comes and the contract between them might end.

Ayakashi - This is based on a visual novel and is different from the Ayakashi released in 2006. Watch the trailer here.

ARIA the ORIGINATION - Another sequel to the original ARIA. Visit the official site here.

H2O ~FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND~ - This is based on a visual novel. The protagonist is a blind guy. Visit the official site here.

Hakaba Kitarou - I'm not really sure what this is, so why don't you just give its official site a look.

Haruka Naru Toki no Naka de 3 -Kurenai no Tsuki- - I've still no idea what this is but it looks nice (the animation does, at the very least). Visit the official site here.

Hatenkou Yuugi - This is adapted from a manga and the story revolves around a girl kicked out of her house and a guy who wants revenge for the death of his father. They aren't the best of friends but something attracts them to each other - it could be for each other or their magic powers.

Macross Frontier - This is another Macross sequel whose story is set in 2070 aboard the 11th Macross Frontier. The story features new pop songs, new love interests and the same mecha.

Major (Season 4) - This is the fourth season of the baseball anime.

Minami-ke ~Okawari~ - This is the second season of the anime about three sisters. It's mentioned that this season is more of a retelling plus more moe. Visit the official site here.

Mnemosyune -Mnemosyune no Musume-tachi- - There's not much information yet regarding this anime except that it might just be 6 episodes long. Visit the official site here.

Noramimi - This is the anime adaptation of Kazuo Hara's manga. The story is set in a world where families can contact mascot agencies and find a mascot suitable for their kids. Noramimi is a mascot of one of those mascot agencies.

Persona -trinity soul- - This is the sequel to Persona 3. The story takes place ten years after the game's events. Visit the official site here.

Porphy no Nagai Tabi - This is an animated adaptation of the French novel Les Orphelins de Simitra by Paul-Jacques Bonzon. Visit the official site here.

Rosario + Vampire - This is based on a manga about a boy who finds himself enrolled in a school for monsters. Now he must do everything to pass his subjects and not let the students of his new school learn about what he really is.

Saa! Iko Tamagotchi - I'm not sure what this anime is all about but I'm guessing it's about Tamagotchi. Visit the site here.

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Season 2) - The despair-filled teacher is back together with his students. Visit the official site here.

Shigofumi - This is based on a visual novel. The animation looks good but I have no idea about the story yet. Visit the official site here.

Sisters of Wellber (Season 2) - This is the sequel of the anime about a princess who was pampered all her life but due to some events, she has to get used to the rough life. Visit the official site here.

They are My Noble Masters - This is based on an eroge (erotic game). The story revolves around two sisters, desperate for money, lands a job as maidservants to three sisters. The thing is, when you pledge service to their family, absolute loyalty is needed and demanded.

true tears - This is based on a visual novel. Visit the official site here.

Wolf and Spice - This is based on a novel about a man who encounters a wolf-girl.

Yatterman - This is a remake of the 1977 anime. This is I think the only mecha show for the Winter 2008 lineup. Visit the official site here.

Zenryoku Usagi - This is based on a manga by Ikeda Kei about construction workers who happen to be rabbits.

If I missed anything, do tell me. I'll also try to keep this updated (probably in new entries or I'll make a link to this post on the right panel).
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