November 14, 2007

French Zombies

I recently saw this anime called Le Chevalier D'Eon. It's been out since August of last year and was finished airing February this year. I've been seeing this almost everywhere for a long time already but it didn't really catch my interests.

Hard-to-pronounce titles turns me off ;)

Anyway, it started airing in our local 24-hour anime channel. I saw the trailer and it looks interesting. Oh and I finally found out how to pronounce the title.

Le Chevalier D'Eon is a story set in Paris during the mid-18th century. A woman was found dead in a casket while floating on water (a river, perhaps). She is found by her own brother who is heading an investigation about young women who all go missing and turn up dead. His own sister became one of the victims of the mysterious killer.

Oddly enough, the word PSALMS was written on the lid using blood. With a series of events that involve magic and different taboos, the woman, who is apparently known as Lia de Beaumont, wakes up to take revenge for her death. She uses the only weapon possible enough for her to use: her younger brother, D'Eon.

Sounds cool, huh? I'm gonna start watching this soon enough and give you, my dear readers, a decent review of the story.

Has anyone seen this though? I want to watch it because it seems cool enough for me, but I haven't really heard any feedback on Le Chevalier D'Eon. If you've seen it, tell me your thoughts!
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