April 6, 2012

March to April Hauls

Since I haven't been online much lately, I'm posting these things just today :D

These are the stuff I acquired during the latter part of March up to the first week of April. I've been blowing my money off like there's no tomorrow (well, no, not really) even when I haven't received my last pay from my previous job and my first salary from my new job isn't until next, next week.

So crap, I'm living off 7-11 haha.

First off, after watching John Carter of Mars, I realized it's high time to read the books. I put this off since it's a pretty long series. BUT! Here it is. I got the collected works, so they're three thick books containing all eleven John Carter stories.

Then to add to my Lalaloopsy set, boyfriend got this for me. It's one from the mini series and I forgot to take a picture of my second big Lalaloopsy doll.

And then, boyfriend and I dropped by the Tagcom convention last Sunday at Robinson's Midtown. It was my first time to go to that mall and dang the size of it haha. Anyway, among the toy stalls there, we were only able to get three things: 2 Macross Frontier Ichiban Kuji prizes and a Mew toy that apparently was already a double (and I forgot that I already had one!).

Sheryl Nome glass. Boyfriend's is a Nyan Nyan mug.

And The Walking Dead series:

And of course, more samurai goodness!

Among the other things I've forgotten to take pictures of are my 3 new Mighty Muggs: Darth Revan, Shadow Trooper and Snow Trooper. Boyfriend also got our first Mini Muggs: Iron Man.

March 13, 2012

March Hauls

An impulse buy and a preorder arrived.

Boyfriend and I went to Rockwell last Saturday and I saw that they still have this Han Solo that's MISB:

Hello, Han! You're finally mine!

Out of the box without the antennas on his tracker.

 When I inspected the item at the store, I saw this little paint chip on his scarf:

Which merited a Php400 discount.

Come Sunday, boyfriend and I went to Greenhills to meet up with the Otakai people for the membership card distribution. My item that I asked my friend to get for me from AmiAmi also arrived:

 Hello, 6th Hyakka girl with the big-ass hammer!

On another note, do watch John Carter from Mars!

March 4, 2012

May the force be with my butt

Uncle and cousin came over today and gave me this:

 Yep, those are boxers.
 Star Wars boxers!
With Darth Vader!

February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday with the boyfriend. We met up after work because our Valentine's Day plans consisted of one thing:

But before the movie, boyfriend excused himself for a bathroom break twice. The first time, he came back with these:
I finally have my own Lalaloopsy! And boyfriend even got the one I've been eying the most!

Small Lalaloopsy sets~

And the second bathroom break, he came back with this:
Mew, Hello Kitty, violet stars and purple cake!

I gave him his Valentine's day gift last week which happened to be Sentinel's Panty from the Rio:Bone line. Another addition to his Panty and Stocking collection.

Overall, it was an awesome date, probably the best Valentine's Day I've had. It would've been awesome with Star Wars alone but all the other surprises made it a lot more awesome!

February 9, 2012

February Hauls: GoT, SW and Comics!

New month, new hauls. I'm happy that Powerbooks sent me a free Powercard now that they've decided to open up that privilege again. Having one entitles me to 10% discount on cash purchases (5% for card) so I've been re-visiting Powerbooks again.

I do wish they start building up their graphic novel section again. NBS has more selections now, though honestly, the point-system is getting old in terms of rewards. Fully Booked (Eastwood branch at least) also seems to have fewer comic book titles these days. Hohwell~

On to the hauls... Part 1! I got these last weekend:

Flight of Angels
Got this at FB at a cheaper price compared to NBS.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah Sa Kalakhang Maynila
Yay~ My favorite gay superhero is back!

Wolverine: Origins
On sale at about 80% off, near mint condition.

Crossing Midnight Vol. 1
Volume 1 only. Gonna see if I like the story enough to buy volumes 2 and 3.

I met the boyfriend at Megamall tonight. Two stops: Cutting Edge and Toy Kingdom.

HBO Game of Thrones Lannister shirt
Yep, and it's only because of Tyrion.

Star Wars Battle Pack Han Solo
Boyfriend's Valentine's Day gift~

Star Wars Fighter Pods
Millennium Falcon + Stormtrooper Han.

Star Wars Fighter Pods
Hoth Han and Carbonite Han.

All those new Star Wars toys are new releases. I wasn't able to attend the launch but I heard that the Pinoy Star Wars Collectors did a display that time. Fighter Pods are so cute. Lucky that the ones I got also has Kit Fisto and Yoda. Then there's Jabba too...a cute Jabba!

We'll be going to Greenhills on Sunday and the boyfriend will be getting his V-Day gift then~ More hauls!

February 6, 2012


I was finally able to buy Habibi yesterday from Powerbooks. I've been looking for this for a long time now, but the bookstores were always out of stock.

(Plus points that I got 10% off the price because of my new Powercard that I got from Powerbooks for free!)

January 29, 2012

Comic Night: Lots of Houses

Went to Planet X this evening just to see what they have. Chanced upon the following, so goodbye, money!

house of mystery vol 7 conception
House of Mystery Vol. 7: Conception

cinderella fables are forever 5
Cinderella: Fables are Forever #5

house of night 1
House of Night #1

house of night 2
House of Night #2

house of night 3
House of Night #3
And it's so awesome that they had this too. I've been looking for this Han Solo for a long time and it's really good that it came in its original package, magazine included!

deagostini star wars han solo
Hand-painted DeAgostini Han Solo

deagostini star wars han solo magazine
Magazine featuring Han Solo

This piece of Han Solo marks my 74th Han Solo figure :D

January 24, 2012

Summer Komikon 2012

summer komikon 2012
Summer Komikon 2012
May 26, 2012
Bayanihan Center, Pasig

Gonna go this year again. Gonna catch up on some komiks that I'm following...and some other stuff.

January 14, 2012

January Hauls (Part 2)

Boyfriend arrived today with the second half of my January hauls:

minase shizuku hello kitty
Minase Shizuku from Together with Hello Kitty

minase shizuku hello kitty
I got her on sale at Amiami, courtesy of a friend. The details are really good compared to my other HK fig made by Eikoh. Just look at the scooter:

minase shizuku hello kitty

minase shizuku hello kitty
I want this scooter ;_;

More Crows X Worst figures! I got them from Mandarake, again, a courtesy of my friend.

crows x worst, crows zero izaki
Izaki from Crows Zero.

crows x worst, crows zero naoki sera
Sera... Not really a fan but I like his name because one of my dogs is named Sera too :D

crows x worst, crows zero mitsumasa tsukimoto
Mitsumasa, my favorite among the Moonlight Brothers.

crows x worst, crows zero hanaki guriko
Guriko. No explanations needed.