February 9, 2012

February Hauls: GoT, SW and Comics!

New month, new hauls. I'm happy that Powerbooks sent me a free Powercard now that they've decided to open up that privilege again. Having one entitles me to 10% discount on cash purchases (5% for card) so I've been re-visiting Powerbooks again.

I do wish they start building up their graphic novel section again. NBS has more selections now, though honestly, the point-system is getting old in terms of rewards. Fully Booked (Eastwood branch at least) also seems to have fewer comic book titles these days. Hohwell~

On to the hauls... Part 1! I got these last weekend:

Flight of Angels
Got this at FB at a cheaper price compared to NBS.

Zsazsa Zaturnnah Sa Kalakhang Maynila
Yay~ My favorite gay superhero is back!

Wolverine: Origins
On sale at about 80% off, near mint condition.

Crossing Midnight Vol. 1
Volume 1 only. Gonna see if I like the story enough to buy volumes 2 and 3.

I met the boyfriend at Megamall tonight. Two stops: Cutting Edge and Toy Kingdom.

HBO Game of Thrones Lannister shirt
Yep, and it's only because of Tyrion.

Star Wars Battle Pack Han Solo
Boyfriend's Valentine's Day gift~

Star Wars Fighter Pods
Millennium Falcon + Stormtrooper Han.

Star Wars Fighter Pods
Hoth Han and Carbonite Han.

All those new Star Wars toys are new releases. I wasn't able to attend the launch but I heard that the Pinoy Star Wars Collectors did a display that time. Fighter Pods are so cute. Lucky that the ones I got also has Kit Fisto and Yoda. Then there's Jabba too...a cute Jabba!

We'll be going to Greenhills on Sunday and the boyfriend will be getting his V-Day gift then~ More hauls!
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