September 29, 2008

September should've been my month

birhtday anime
This is like the first (and probably last) entry for September! I've been so busy lately, even to the point of staying at the office overnight just to get the work done. I also went on a trip to the US where I suffered a very cruel experience: My wallet and my passport were stolen from my hotel room. My wallet had all my IDs in it plus $1100 so it was a cruel blow T_T My passport just got renewed February this year so I had to go to the DFA to get a replacement...and it wasn't pleasant =_=

Anyway, I wasn't able to buy that much from my trip since my money got stolen. I was able to get Volume 3 of Zettai Kareshi though to complete my set ^_^ That, and Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time and The Universe in a Nutshell. I'm such a geek. It was my birthday gift to myself though as I celebrated my birthday on a bus trip from San Francisco to LA. Sad, really... Imagine gawking at sheep, cattle and horses grazing during your birthday.

However, I'd really want a life-sized R2D2 as my birthday gift. That would be awesome. Well the price is awesome too, at $5450. I don't know if there's anyone who would spend a lot for R2D2...ehehe I would, but I don't have money right now T_T

Ah well I have this nasty toothache so if I can muster enough concentration to actually write something substantial, I'll probably do a review of some of the manga I finished reading. I don't have time to watch any anime or J-Dramas anymore!!!

Anyone wants their own R2D2?