April 6, 2012

March to April Hauls

Since I haven't been online much lately, I'm posting these things just today :D

These are the stuff I acquired during the latter part of March up to the first week of April. I've been blowing my money off like there's no tomorrow (well, no, not really) even when I haven't received my last pay from my previous job and my first salary from my new job isn't until next, next week.

So crap, I'm living off 7-11 haha.

First off, after watching John Carter of Mars, I realized it's high time to read the books. I put this off since it's a pretty long series. BUT! Here it is. I got the collected works, so they're three thick books containing all eleven John Carter stories.

Then to add to my Lalaloopsy set, boyfriend got this for me. It's one from the mini series and I forgot to take a picture of my second big Lalaloopsy doll.

And then, boyfriend and I dropped by the Tagcom convention last Sunday at Robinson's Midtown. It was my first time to go to that mall and dang the size of it haha. Anyway, among the toy stalls there, we were only able to get three things: 2 Macross Frontier Ichiban Kuji prizes and a Mew toy that apparently was already a double (and I forgot that I already had one!).

Sheryl Nome glass. Boyfriend's is a Nyan Nyan mug.

And The Walking Dead series:

And of course, more samurai goodness!

Among the other things I've forgotten to take pictures of are my 3 new Mighty Muggs: Darth Revan, Shadow Trooper and Snow Trooper. Boyfriend also got our first Mini Muggs: Iron Man.