December 17, 2013

What does the fox say?

Last weekend, the annual Christmas Toy Fair happened in SM Megamall. Boyfriend and I decided to check it out, just to see if there's anything worth buying. Entrance fee was Php50 (a little above a dollar). The Toy Fair occupied only one of the three Megatrade Halls, so the whole place was cramped. (What with some big-ass costumes of some cosplayers.)

We went around. And went around some more. Not finding anything worth buying, we went around one more time. And true to the saying that the third time's the charm, I was able to buy two figures:

Crows' resident badass, Harumichi Bouya

The bounty hunter and the bounty

Yes, those are two small figures that I was able to get for Php200 each. Not a bad deal. Quite sad that this is all that I was able to score. I also saw the Carbonite Han Solo calling card case but I didn't want to shell out Php1500 for something so small which will probably go on sale at some of the online stores by next year. I can wait. We also saw some of those Collectors' Edition Disney dolls (Aladdin and Jasmine, Snow White and Prince Charming, Aurora and Prince Edward(?)) that cost an arm and a leg at Php11,800 each pair. I really wanted the Aladdin/Jasmine one but meh, too expensive.

Despite the depressing Toy Fair hauls, my preorder arrived and was delivered by the ChekwaToys owner:
My favorite fox ever

At least I got the Kurama fox version. So I got 3/5 of the Kotobukiya Yu Yu Hakusho figures. Which is good coz I'm streamlining. *cue sarcastic laugh*

I'll probably post a mini-review of the Kurama figure one of these days.

So, what did the fox say? "BANG."

December 16, 2013

Almost 2 years...

...have I been on hiatus.

I think I got tired of writing hehe. That, and I've been really busy with work and other boring stuff.

But I'm back from the real world and I'll try to update this blog more. And I'll probably end up writing more than just stuff about toys.

However, the post tomorrow will be about my recent toy hauls from the Christmas Toy Fair last weekend.

Well, that's that.