About Poopsies

"Poopsies is a blog about anime, manga, video games, toys and figures and other related things. Offers reviews, news and the occasional otaku-related rants." 

Well, that was how it used to be initially.

Over the course of time, specifically between the months of March and June 2010, I found myself with nothing else to write about. Maybe it was because of my waning fondness for the female anime figurines that this blog was supposedly about. It was, since my collection primarily consisted of those delectable babes. Or maybe it was because I re-kindled my fangirl relationship with Star Wars, and as I very well know, most of the audience of Poopsies didn't really care about Western pop culture.

So those three months became and unofficial hiatus season for Poopsies. Until I decided to just come out with the fact that I've altogether ditched the anime line because I have to sustain my growing collection of Star Wars' Han Solo. Well, I still can't turn my back on the ever so few and hard-to-find male and samurai goodies out there. Yes, I have remained loyal to those lines at least.

Now, Poopsies will still be bringing some anime figures news occasionally, yes, but expect that there will be a creeping influx of Star Wars news, rants and the like.

Oh and I have two more lines that I've been wanting to start on too... :3