July 31, 2011

Today's haul

hyakka ryouran goto matabei

I got the 5th Hyakka Ryouran samurai girl today from Wasabi Toys. Goto Matabei's box is quite big like Hattori Hanzo's and man, she does have some seriously nice butt!!

July 28, 2011

LEGO Minas Tirith

That's right! That's Minas Tirith! And yes, it's made of Lego bricks!

I'd love to see this up close! I've always been a Lego fan, but my huge stash of Lego got lost along the way to grade school and high school and my sister.

Look at the rest of the Lego LOTR creations here: Journey of the Fellowship 2011

July 26, 2011

Gundam Model Kit Contest

I actually forgot about this lol.. I was waiting for the boyfriend last week in Megamall, so I decided to kill some time in Toy Kingdom.

Guess what was in there!

IMG00961 20110720 1908 IMG00962 20110720 1908 IMG00963 20110720 1908 IMG00964 20110720 1908 IMG00965 20110720 1909 IMG00966 20110720 1909 IMG00967 20110720 1909 IMG00969 20110720 1910 IMG00984 20110720 1913 IMG00993 20110720 1916 IMG00994 20110720 1916

IMG00968 20110720 1909 IMG00970 20110720 1910 IMG00971 20110720 1910 IMG00972 20110720 1911 IMG00973 20110720 1911 IMG00974 20110720 1911 IMG00975 20110720 1911 IMG00976 20110720 1911 IMG00977 20110720 1912 IMG00979 20110720 1912 IMG00980 20110720 1912 IMG00981 20110720 1912 IMG00982 20110720 1913 IMG00986 20110720 1914 IMG00983 20110720 1913 IMG00987 20110720 1914 IMG00989 20110720 1915 IMG00990 20110720 1915 IMG00991 20110720 1915 IMG00992 20110720 1916

And my personal favorite...

Gundam Model Kit Contest
A senshi Gundam! ~lovelove~

I never liked watching Gundam, but I like building kits. I have a lot of the Sangokuden. And darn it, I'm so envious of how they make the Sangokuden T_T Okay, not just the SD kits, but kits in general. I cannot comprehend how some people just have so much creativity that they can paint Gundams in a battle-damaged way, or how they can create dioramas, or put hair(!) on them.

I need to hone my building skills and hopefully I can progress to panel-lining then painting.

*Looks at the pile of unbuilt SD Sangokuden and Hasegawa Valkyries*

First and foremost, I need time to start building kits again XD

July 25, 2011

WonFes Wants

Here's a rundown of the figs that caught my eye in the recent WonFes. I might streamline this list, or I may end up getting all of them. Who knows? There are some of the figures *coughSAMURAIcough* that will surely be on my pre-order list when they come out.

As I tweeted a couple of days ago: "When you're in the toy-collecting hobby, the spending just never seems to end."

How can I not get Saito?!

I haven't played the game nor watched the anime, but lovely Catherine is lovely.

Now this one, I will most probably get for the cuteness factor. And the base. Yes, the base.

I think this is a Figma? If so, it will probably be my first. GATTSU!

Naoe isn't my favorite character in the series. I have the 5 other girls. I need to complete the lineup.

I don't know him but he's hot. That's reason enough to get him. Yuri won't be alone anymore!

For my Zoro shrine's greater glory!

Ruffles? Check. Cute? Check. Pink? Check. Loli--*cough* Yeah, worth getting.

Hot babe in a kimono, yes?

Who wouldn't want to eat with dinosaurs??

Nendroids are useless to me but I already have Date, so Sanada's gonna be a sure get.

Does anyone know who they are and where they came from?


This is more for the boyfriend than me. He's planning on building a Panty & Stocking shrine. Yep, that sounds really perverted.

Two more Revoltechs to add to my "static" action figures of samurai!

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