July 25, 2011

WonFes Wants

Here's a rundown of the figs that caught my eye in the recent WonFes. I might streamline this list, or I may end up getting all of them. Who knows? There are some of the figures *coughSAMURAIcough* that will surely be on my pre-order list when they come out.

As I tweeted a couple of days ago: "When you're in the toy-collecting hobby, the spending just never seems to end."

How can I not get Saito?!

I haven't played the game nor watched the anime, but lovely Catherine is lovely.

Now this one, I will most probably get for the cuteness factor. And the base. Yes, the base.

I think this is a Figma? If so, it will probably be my first. GATTSU!

Naoe isn't my favorite character in the series. I have the 5 other girls. I need to complete the lineup.

I don't know him but he's hot. That's reason enough to get him. Yuri won't be alone anymore!

For my Zoro shrine's greater glory!

Ruffles? Check. Cute? Check. Pink? Check. Loli--*cough* Yeah, worth getting.

Hot babe in a kimono, yes?

Who wouldn't want to eat with dinosaurs??

Nendroids are useless to me but I already have Date, so Sanada's gonna be a sure get.

Does anyone know who they are and where they came from?


This is more for the boyfriend than me. He's planning on building a Panty & Stocking shrine. Yep, that sounds really perverted.

Two more Revoltechs to add to my "static" action figures of samurai!

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