November 24, 2009

Winter Anime Lineup 2009-2010

Erm.. I think I'm a bit late in posting this. (Well I've been pretty much late in posting anything lately.)

Here's the anime lineup for the Winter 2009-2010. Not much that interests me except for Dance in the Vampire Bund and Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 3 (which incidentally, I have a figure for pre-order).

Anime Winter 2009/2010
Anything interesting?

November 18, 2009

Hideous, much?

That's all I can say about this figure.

Black Lagoon BalalaikaName: Balalaika
Origin: Black Lagoon
Manufacturer: Kaitendo
Scale: 1/6
Price: 17010 Yen
Release: November 2009

The only thing that looks good in this figure is the chair. It's leather, btw.

More Balalaika goodness horror!

Black Lagoon Balalaika

November 16, 2009

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009I'm like more than a week late in posting this due to work and all that but here goes!

November 8, 2009 marked the day of the Anime Overload Festival event that we have been preparing for for weeks. Since I am a part of the organizing committee, I met up with the other organizers and the ingress volunteers at 6AM in the SMX Convention Center.

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009As soon as we arrived, we started setting up the figures since the cabinets that we were to use haven't arrived yet. It was super fun assembling the figures, with the other members mixing and matching the nendoroids while posing the other figures in an ecchi way.

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009Then at exactly 10AM, people started pouring into the function room. We haven't even finished setting up the displays since the cabinets arrived a tad too late for our liking but people have already begun taking pictures of the figures that have been set up.

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009The main purpose of our display aside from the actual figures themselves is our "Originals VS. Bootleg" themed cabinet where we showed comparisons of original figures and their bootleg counterparts. Included in the display are the Nendoroid Light Yagami, Saber Holiday Ver., Play Arts Sora and the Fate/Stay Night Trading Figures.

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009We also gave out 4 kinds of flyers: 2 kinds for the OtaKai overview and the 2 others highlights how to distinguish bootlegs in general. We prepared more than 100 pieces of flyers and we actually ran out of them by the afternoon.

Too bad I wasn't really able to go around the convention as I had to man the booth at practically the whole time. A lot of people came up to us asking mainly about: 1) if we were selling the figures, 2) where to buy figures and 3) information regarding bootleg figures. There was even one guy who came up to one of our members with his Konata figma - asking if it was bootleg lol XD We became a "Figure Information Booth."

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009For my unexpected impulse buys, I was able to nab a Mushi King plushie though and another plushie who til this day remains anonymous to me. I was also able to buy 2 Mighty Muggs, a General Grievous keychain for the boyfriend and 6 Final Fantasy Creatures figures. The latter was a really good buy since all six only cost me and the boyfriend roughly $40. Yup, for ALL SIX.

It was a fun event, seeing all the people take pictures of our figures, asking us about them and the like. The egress was as fun as the ingress, especially since we packed up the figures together. In response to the AOF display, we had several new members sign up at the forums, introducing themselves as one of the people who approached us during the event.

Anyway, here are some of the pictures of the displays:

OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009And of course, group pictures!!OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009OtaKai at Anime Overload Festival 2009And that's my Mushi King plushie, molested by the members.
Credits go to spade13th, ryanrocks, hubert0125 and moonfyre12 for the pictures!

November 4, 2009

Anime Overload Festival - What to Expect

Anime Overload Festival 2009
Here's what to expect on Sunday during the Anime Overload Festival (as emailed by the organizers):

1. Japan Foundation will be providing us with MANGA COMICS for everyone reading pleasure, they will set up a mini library.

2. World of Fun will bring 3 of their famous fighting arcade machine, everyone can play for free, game stubs will be on a first come first serve basis, so be sure to be there early.

3. Netopia will be having a DOTA lan game, everyone can also play for free.

4. Otakuzine will be giving away DC kids comics on their booth.

5. Game! Magazine will be giving away sampler Game! Magazine on their booth.

6. Gamehopper will giveaway discount coupons for monthly rental of PS3, Xbox & Wii games - all of their games are original.

7. SugarFree & Blue will be selling the Official Shirt of Anime Overload Festival, watch out for it because it is not your ordinary event shirts. Be sure to check out their booth

8. will be having their videogame challenge for Streetfighter IV & Tekken 6. Be sure to check-out their website & register. The Champion will win the pot money plus other exciting items.

9. will be having their "Kakasa ka ba sa Streetfighter Grandmaster?" wherein anyone can challenge their SF grandmaster, anyone who beats their grandmaster will win prizes such as Streetfighter Minimates, Videogame posters & other items. That is if you beat the grandmaster.

10. Jack TV will be giving away special prizes for cosplayers of Jack TV shows such as WWE, Simpsons, King of the Hill, American Dad, Batman & other shows.

11. Richwell will be giving away special prizes for Bakugan cosplayers.

12. Enchanted Kingdom will be giving away special prize to the one they picked as "Wizard Eldar's Costripper Pick"

13. Otakai Figure Society will be displaying their Anime figures such as Nendoroids, Figma, PVC & other beautiful figures.

14. And everyone is so excited about, THE MAID CAFE. We are totally doing a different kind of maid cafe. There will be different performances & mini games everytime you enter the Maid Cafe. Hahaha, We are really pushing the envelope here, wish us luck that everyone of us can pull it off. Be sure to check it out because there will be lots of exciting things happening in the Maid Cafe

15. Cosplay Competition for Single & Group Ediition.

16. Anime Dance Showdown

17. Anime Karaoke Idol

18. We will be giving away a Nintendo DS-I to one lucky attendee, We are raffling the Nintendo DS-I to anyone who have the entrance ticket, bought an item & filled-out the survey form. We will be raffling it early so everyone will have a chance to win this premium item.

... and much more

Just be sure to be there early to catch all of the exciting freebies & fun programs we have in store for everyone...

Anime Overload Festival Activities

Anime Overload Festival 2009
As emailed by the organizers of Anime Overload Festival, these are the activities that the attendees can expect on Sunday!

1. Videogame Challenge
Show your combo skills or button-mashing tricks on the hottest videogame as you work your way up to the Championship

2. Anime Karaoke Idol
Can you belt a tune singing your favorite J-Pop or J-Rock songs? You do? Then join this contest. If not, please do spare us.

3. Battle of the Bands
Do you have that rockstar attitude? Join this contest to prove that you are truly worthy.

4. Individual Cosplay Competition
Now's your chance to show the crowd your latest cosplay get-up. Enter the contest & let them judge.

5. Group Cosplay Competition
Are your group doing another serious drama skit or another kenkoy dance number? Or can your group do a new gimmick
for your group performance? Then try to upstand other group cosplayers as you do your original performance piece.

6. Anime Music Video Competition
Got that handycam gathering dust in your cabinet? Shoot your own anime music video & show your directing skills.

7. Anime Dance Showdown
Show that body Movin', Groovin', Twistin', and Shakin' with the tune of an Anime Song. Get ready for the showdown!

8. Anime Voice Comic Contest
Got a funny joke about anime? Can you imitate Naruto's voice? Make us laugh (or cry) with your punchlines while you imitate your favorite anime characters's voice.

9. Gyudon Eating Contest
Do you have the appetite to finish a bowl of gyudon meal in a few seconds? Join this contest & eat

10. Manga Drawing Contest
Bring out your pencils & coloring materials as you draw your original manga characters in this exciting contest. Oh dont forget to bring out your skills.

11. Photo Contest
Too shy to wear your geeky costume outside your door step? Then your IN! go ahead take a power shot, show your anime get up!...
anyway no one else is looking at you but the camera.

12. Maid’s CafĂ©
Fancy having a maid serve your meal while entertaining you with all their kawaii moves? Look no further, here's your chance.

13. Manga Cafe
Did you bring along your sketchbook & want to get away from the crowd to do some sketches while sipping your favorite drinks?
Or maybe you just simply want to read a manga comic? Here's the perfect place to bring out your artwork while you unwind & read all your favorite manga.

14. Exhibitors Zone
Looking for an elusive anime toy? an event souvenir? or that hard to find anime cartoon that you've been yearning for years?
Check out the exhibitor zone for all the hottest & coolest finds.