November 12, 2007

What makes you like...?

animeI've been meaning to ask this for quite some time. I get readers checking out my blog every now and then, some visiting certain pages only. I guess that's the only thing they find interesting in the whole blog.

There are readers who only care about anime. Some like manga. Others, video games. A bit of the readers focus on the figures and a minority on everything else. Of course, there are also some readers who go through everything like a vacuum.

So, my dear readers, I have a few questions that I want to ask you, and it would be really swell if you could answer them. (That would save me from looking like an idiot, addressing non-existent people.)

- Which among the topics here do you like the best?
- What makes you like them?
- When did you start liking them?
- Do you want me to cover something else? (aka "Suggestions")

If you're wondering how these things would help, it would help in making this blog better in terms of pleasing the regular readers who come back every now and then to get their dose of Poopsies. Well I'm not really sure if that would help at all since I normally just write about whatever I want to write, but yeah, at the very least, the thought of it should count right? ^w^

Just write a comment or a shout if you want me to write about something (as I'm running out of ideas because of setbacks in my reading/watching/buying).
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