November 7, 2007

Bouncy boobies?

tenjou tenge gashapon figures part 3Figure: Tenjou Tenge Gashapon Figures Part 3
Series: Tenjou Tenge
Characters: Natsume Maya and Natsume Aya
Size: 2" tall
Publisher: Kaiyodo

Okay. I just have to write about this one. Well I've been meaning to, but I just kept forgetting. There isn't much to say about this set of four tiny busts except that they have something both interesting and highly amusing at the same time... BOUNCY BOOBIES!!

Yes, you read that right. The main feature of the Tenjou Tenge Part 3 set is the bouncy boobs. It is highly noticeable when you look at chibi Maya (the only non-bust in the set). Her boobs are abnormally large so from just that, you'll kinda notice something different about it.

Behind those massive boobs, prominent cleavages and obvious shirts are nothing else except springs. Yep, that's the secret behind the Tenjou Tenge Part 3 figures. They aren't easily seen though, so don't worry. You have to kind of bend the boobs downward to see the spring.

The Tenjou Tenge Part 3 figures might be a waste if you just store it inside the display case (like my set). What you can do with them is to put them on your car's dashboard, if you have a car, and watch their boobies bounce! They're that bouncy. Actually, you can just line them up on the tabletop and hit the table with your hand...they'd bounce.

Anyway, I don't really know if these are still available. I guess if you look really hard, they might be. So if you like Tenjou Tenge, or like bouncy big boobies for that matter, get the Part 3 and have fun! ^_^
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