November 9, 2007

Beck - Mongolian Chop Squad OST

beck mongolian chop squad ost albumTitle: Beck (Mongolian Chop Squad)
Anime: Beck
Tracks: 21
Artist: Various

One of my favorite anime soundtracks ever is from the anime Beck. After I finished watching the anime, I knew that I had to get myself a copy of the OST. Beck is the first of two soundtracks for the anime. Well three, if you consider the tribute album.

Beck features 21 tracks both from the anime and their "originals" as well as different versions of the same song. The album has songs from different genres of music - from rap to pop to rock - all of which are very catchy, and most of them are in English (Engrish) too.

The album also has the songs that Beck plays during their live shows as well as some songs that other bands played. If you've seen the anime, I'm sure you'll be singing along to Koyuki's Slip Out or Chiba's Brainstorm. If you don't know the words to the song, or the song itself, don't worry. The CD has a booklet that has all the lyrics for every song (with some screenies from the anime too).

The tracklist are as follows:

1. Brainstorm
2. Spice Of Life
3. Mad House
4. Sly
5. Face
6. Lost Melody
7. Follow Me
8. Japanese Title
9. Moon On The Water
10. Like A Foolin
11. Japanese Title
12. Gymnasium
13. Reloaded
14. Journey
15. Follow Me
16. My World Down
17. Love Dischord
18. By Her
19. I've Got A Feeling
20. Slip Out
21. Moon On The Water
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