November 24, 2007

Deep Love - Ayu no Monogatari

deep love ayu no monogatariTitle: Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari
Story & Art: Yoshii Yuu
Volumes: 2
Genre: Josei

Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari is the first of four Deep Love stories. It's kind of like the main story and the other three are just spin-offs or something. Erm well the characters for the other three Deep Love stories (Deep Love Host, Deep Love ~ Reina no Unmei and Deep Love ~ Pao no Monogatari) are all introduced in Ayu's story and they all play an essential part there.

With that clear, Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari is definitely not for kids. It has lots of sex and adult themes that you wouldn't want your little sister (or brother) to read about. Not until they're say, 20. It's a mature josei manga, not smut, mind you, so the story is substantial. Substantial and sad.

Speaking of the story, Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari is about a girl named Ayu. (Ayu no Monogatari literally translates to "Ayu's Tale.") She's a lost soul who's trying to search for a meaning to her life. Being a teenager with no one to guide her, she's gotten mixed up with some bad crowd and has led a pretty wayward life.

Ayu sells her body to support herself and her addiction to drugs. That's how she's lived her life until an old woman takes her under her wing and for the first time in her life, Ayu felt as if she was really needed and loved. Circumstances arose which led her into meeting a boy who has some sort of heart disease and Ayu finally finds meaning in her life. Things don't turn out well for her though and her story ends tragically.

Yes, yes. You have to read the manga to know what exactly happened to Ayu. If you decide to read Deep Love ~ Ayu no Monogatari, I'm 99% sure that you won't regret it. It's a dark, sad and touching story that people can relate to even if they don't sell their bodies for money and drugs.

The artwork is great too. The drawing style is similar to Yayoi Ogawa's if you're familiar with her works like Kimi wa Petto. The dialogue that transpires between the characters is superb too and it kinda gets you thinking about your own life as well. Oh and I did mention that you'll meet the characters that are featured in their own Deep Love manga: Pao (a stray puppy that Ayu picked up), Reina (Ayu's friend who is loyal through and through) and Yoshiyuki (the boy who has heart disease).

After you finish reading Ayu's story, I'm pretty sure you'd want to read all three immediately. They're at most 1-2 volumes long each so it's not that much of an effort to do so, right? ^^
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