November 8, 2007

A new live-action and a new album

honey and cloverToday we have two news bits for everyone.

1. Honey and Clover live-action series
Yep, that's right. After the successful manga that spawned not one, but two Honey and Clover series and a live-action movie, fans can now expect a live-action series. Riko Narumi will play Hagumi while Ikuta Touma will play Yuuta.

If you haven't read or seen Honey and Clover, and if you have no idea what it is, Honey and Clover is about the journey of five university art students towards adulthood.

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2. Gackt will record a Gundam album
J-Rock singer Gackt has been known to have sung some songs for the Mobile Suit Z Gundam and first three Gundam movies. He recently announced though that he will release an album made up solely of Gundam theme songs as a birthday gift to Gundam creator, Tomino Yoshiyuki.

Well Gackt is a self-confessed Gundam fan and I'm pretty sure he does this to suck-up make Tomino happy.

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