February 12, 2009

Curse you Alter!

I passed up on the GSC Shuraki series because 1) they're hard to complete as a set and 2) I don't want just one.. I want all 5 of them. Having said this, I want to clear up that I just passed up on them. I'm not closing my doors on the girls. In the event that I'm able to find all 5, I'd still get them.

Now, however, Alter is teaming up with Hobby Japan to produce a new line - probably their answer to the Shuraki series: the Hyakka-Ryoran or the Samurai Girls. They will be made to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hobby Japan Magazine. They are 2D female versions of some of the famous samurai in history. The character designs are made by Niθ and they're looking good: (click image to see higher resolution)

Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls
First up is a loli-looking Sanada Yukimura:

Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls Sanada Yukimura
Then we have a rather voluptuous Yagyu Jubei:

Hyakka-Ryoran Samurai Girls Yagyu JubeiThey are both on the 1/8 scale but the prices and the release dates are still unknown. Man, awesome. They're considered sold when I first saw them! Although the thing is, I told myself that I'd lie-low from buying toys after May since my pre-orders would end on that month. Then Alter comes out with this!!! OMG I am 101% sure that my hobby is going to kill me soon. But then again, I feel fulfilled whenever I get a figure. *Weighs hunger and happiness* Yeah, at least I'll die happy XD

So I decided on one thing: If the local shops offer them, I'll get them. If not, then fate is telling me to pass up until some other time. Good enough?
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