February 12, 2009

Afro Samurai Resurrection is cool just because.

afro samurai resurrection
Title: Afro Samurai Resurrection
Episode: 1
Studio: Gonzo
Genre: Seinen

I was really looking forward to watching the sequel to Afro Samurai since I loved it so much and this time around, I wasn't disappointed! Not one bit!

So the story starts with Afro already at peace with himself, no longer fighting and just sculpting idols of various people he encountered with his life (and some religious idols here and there). Kuma then appears and brutally harasses Afro, taking Afro by his hair as Kuma rides his motorcycle to some deserted place.

We then meet Sio (who is incidentally Kuma's - or Jinno's - sister). She takes the Number One head band from Afro without actually fighting him. This kinda irks me as she does not have the right to challenge Afro as she does not have the Number Two head band in her possession. She tells Afro that she plans on resurrecting Afro's father, Rokutaro, just to kill him again, more brutally this time around. This statement wakes up the Afro Samurai as we met him in the first series and he journeys on to find and acquire the Number Two head band so that he could challenge Sio and regain the Number One place.

I won't continue on with the rest of the plot as it might destroy the viewing pleasure of Afro Samurai Resurrection for those who might have not watched it yet (in the event that the paragraph above has not spoiled it for you).

Anyway, the animation of Afro Samurai Resurrection is pretty much the same with Afro Samurai except that there's more color now. The bright colors are minimal - as the whole thing pretty much looks monotone to me - but they appear throughout the series through different objects, my favorite being the floats during the festival scene. It looked way awesome.

As for the fight scenes, they were more awesome than the floats lol. So much blood and so much violence. I felt my adrenaline rushing as I watched Afro fight off multitudes of challengers especially during the first few minutes of the movie. (Well, don't think that I actually want to do that, but Afro Samurai's just that cool, y'know.) I was just disappointed at Afro and Rokutaro's "fight scene", if you could even call it that. Pretty much devastating actually that their fight would be portrayed like that. Sux, rly.

Tear-jerkers? None, of course. Although there are some scenes that wrenched my heart, or not. Just the usual realizations, flashbacks and whatnots that bring more meaning to Afro Samurai Resurrection than just some bloody battles and a quest for revenge.

The voice acting was pretty cool too. Samuel L. Jackson reprised his role as Afro - this time with more actual lines than just mere grunts - and Lucy Liu did a good job being Sio's voice. I don't think it sounded like her one bit, but I guess that that's the beauty of it. Sio was a good antagonist and Lucy Liu helped her be just that.

I'm hoping for a third installment to Afro Samurai. Why? Because just as the movie ends, there's a scene there with... Okay, I guess I shouldn't spoil that part either. I mentioned it so you, my dear reader, would expect something towards the end.

Thinking about it, Afro Samurai is just a vicious cycle for revenge. Justice killed Rokutaro, Afro killed Justice and by the looks of it, someone will train hard to kill Afro. Who? You have to watch to find out ^_^
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