February 19, 2009

Woohoo I found you, Slash!

I've been wondering where I could get Guitar Hero figures by McFarlane after seeing them on this site. They're awesomely cool, IMO, especially since Guitar Hero's like one of my favorite games ever. I even have the game for my DS - but that's another story.

So I was walking around the mall with my boyfriend and we entered this comic shop to look at some manga (he was busy with the Western comics) and guess what I saw: Guitar Hero's Slash! Like it was just there staring back at me in all its 10-inch glory!

He looks like this:

Guitar Hero Slash 10-inch figureAwesome right? So I was contemplating on whether I can spare the money that I've started to save for my pre-orders. Sadly, I couldn't. So I have to see whether I can spare some money for Slash from my next payday... Still have to wait until next week for that decision.

So I was about to walk outside the store so as to resist any more temptations, not only from Slash, but also from the shelves of manga, when my boyfriend called me. He was pointing to a set of clamshell-packaged figures which I thought he wanted. I approached him and looked at what he was pointing to only to realize that there were more Guitar Hero figures! They're sold as a set of four, and more pricey than Slash so I have to figure out which I want more. I can only afford to buy one (either Slash or the set of 4) - given that I have some cash to spare during the next pay day.

I hate you Philippine government! You and your stupid tax tables!!
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