October 31, 2007

A Tale of Genshiken Myself -- What?!

Genshiken 2, Myself; Yourself, and ef - A Tale of MemoriesI've been watching three anime series these days: Genshiken 2, Myself; Yourself, and ef - A Tale of Memories. So far so good...I haven't been bored with any of them yet (not that Genshiken has ever made me bored or anything).

Genshiken 2 just continues the plot of the first season of Genshiken, but this time, they started with the ComiFes. Yep, they joined the ComiFes. Although it isn't as funny as the first season, the attachment that I gained when I first watched Genshiken still stays with me, making Genshiken 2 just as enjoyable.

Myself; Yourself is a shoujo anime, that's for sure. It has it's funny moments like guys looking at girls' boobs and all. Then there's this air of mystery in Myself; Yourself that makes you wonder about what happened to Sana in that five years he was away.

Now ef - A Tale of Memories is still a shoujo anime but it's on the heavier and darker side. It reminds me of Ayashi no Ceres in terms of tone. You get to meet a lot of characters as soon as you watch the first episode, with their lives unfolding slowly (through a brief scene). It made me wonder how a story can evolve with some random characters introduced sporadically all throughout the episode. BUT! They are connected...all of them and you'll see how in the next episodes. A Tale of Memories leaves you hanging and you can't wait for the next episode to come out.

People, anime fans and non-anime fans alike, should try any or all of these three anime series I mentioned. Well if you haven't seen Genshiken yet, start with the first season. It's kinda weird if you're to start at the second season already right? ^_^
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