October 25, 2007

Densha Otoko: The otaku's love story

densha otoko live actionYeah I know, Densha Otoko has been around for so long already. It still stands as my favorite live-action series ever. There are a whole lot of references to Densha Otoko in the otaku world that it's kind of hard to think that there's some anime/manga fan out there who doesn't know about Densha Otoko.

Is there anyone who doesn't know who Densha Otoko is?

If it's your first time hearing the term Densha Otoko, it literally translates to "Train Man". That's the nickname given to the lead character. Erm...well... It's kind of hard to just go on about this in this way so here's an "about Densha Otoko" portion:

Densha Otoko is the story of an otaku who falls in love with a normal - meaning non-otaku - girl that he met on the train (hence, Densha Otoko). He saves her from a drunkard who was causing too much ruckus and who was trying to hit on the girl. Densha stood up to the man, earning him the gratitude of several older women and the girl. She asks for his address so that she can send him a thank-you gift. She sends him a Hermes-brand tea set, which causes Densha's friends to nickname her Hermes.

When I say "friends", I meant a bunch of strangers who all log on to this online discussion board (2ch according to some) and talk about their lives there. Yep, an online community of people of all sorts. We see Densha falling in love with Hermes and his friends help him overcome his fear of talking to girls and to actually make a move on Hermes. They give him all sorts of advices on what to wear, what to do, what to say, etc. It's actually funny.

Ah and I forgot to mention that the story of Densha Otoko supposedly happened in real life. It's cool if it did, right? After I finished watching Densha Otoko, I think I want to believe that his story really did happen and that somewhere out there, Densha and Hermes are living a happy life together ^^

Even if you aren't an otaku, you'll still find Densha Otoko really amusing. It's a light-hearted comedy that has a bit of a drama in it...heart-warming, really. If you don't really like to watch a 13-episode live-action series, you can opt to try the Densha Otoko movie or the manga too. If I remember correctly, there's also a novel, which I think was the basis for the live-action, movie and manga.

One word after you finish watching Densha Otoko: "Moe..." (^v^)y

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