October 2, 2007

...aaaaand my anime-to-watch list grows longer

moetanI don't have the luxury of time these days, so my "to-watch" list grows longer and longer every month. I'm not kidding. So yeah, I've decided to lessen the list and choose which anime series I have to watch first. Here's the list so far:
  1. School Days - usual boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love type of anime. I'm a sucker for these kinds of anime. Well, from what I gathered, the story's a bit dark, so it makes everything more intriguing.
  2. Claymore - a bunch of women give themselves up to be turned into half-monsters to save the world.
  3. ef - A Tale of Memories - kinda like School Days, I think.
  4. Saiunkoku Monogatari - a historical-fantasy-themed anime about love in the court and such.
  5. Honey and Clover 2 - I loved the first season and supposedly, season 2 has heavier drama...I don't get enough drama in my life, so...
  6. Bokura ga Ita - a girl dates the most popular boy in school and she probably thinks it will be smooth sailing from there, but if you've read/watched enough manga/anime, you'll know that the popular guy almost always has some dark background that will unfold and put his relationship on the rocks.
  7. Mushishi - I've actually started on this one but I haven't gotten around to finishing it. This is an anime I'd recommend anytime though (next to Fushigi Yuugi ehehe).
  8. Devil May Cry - I loved the game, I have a huge crush on Dante, erm...aren't those enough reasons for me to watch?
  9. Basilisk - I read the manga, loved it; I watched the movie, liked it. Now it's time for me to watch the anime...action rocks!!
  10. Moetan - just because it's cute.
Aaaaaand there you have it folks! My list of 10 anime titles I have to watch a.s.a.p. If you've seen any of them, do tell me what you think about the series and advice me whether I should put a certain title (from my list) on top of my priorities, put it off til later, or just scratch it off completely and save myself the time.
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