September 30, 2007

Check Out Musashi's Opponent!

vagabond baiken figureSeries: Vagabond
Character: Baiken Shishido
Size: 8" tall
Sculptor: Oniki Yuki
Publisher: Fewture Models
Remarks: It can be displayed in a diorama with Musashi

Meet Baiken, one of Miyamoto Musashi's rivals in Inoue Takehiko's Vagabond. I'll be frank: I WANT THIS FIGURE. Like my Musashi figure, whose review I will do later (when I'm not lazy), Baiken is sculpted nicely. He closely resembles his manga counterpart.

The Baiken figure comes with his choice weapon: the sickle and chain. The stand for both the Musashi and Baiken figures are just plain black and are just slightly bigger than each foot. As can be seen in the picture, Baiken is highly detailed...from the creases of his clothes to the hairs on his face and head.

Just looking at the figure frustrates me. Both Vagabond figures can be displayed together, add a backdrop, some fake grass, and voila! You have your Vagabond diorama!
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