September 15, 2007

The Girl Friend Artbook

Girl Friend Betten Court Illustrations 1996-2006Title: Girl Friend Betten Court Illustrations 1996-2006
Art: Betten Court
Pages: 112
Publisher: Shueisha

Jeff gave me this Girl Friend Artbook by Betten Court on my birthday last Wednesday. It was really, really pretty. The Girl Friend artbook features the mangaka's Girlfriend illustrations plus illustrations from his other works. There are 121 pictures all-in-all including some of his unpublished drawings.

The artwork are mostly full-color. "Mostly" because there are some character sketches of Betten Court's other works. I really fell in love with the Girlfriend artwork though. They show the different characters in the manga, boys included.

The artbook is A4 in size, meaning it's 29x22.5 centimeters and is hardbound too. If you like pretty girls doing pretty poses, the Girl Friend artbook is for you. Note that there are no ecchi and hentai pictures though.
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