September 1, 2007

Girlfriend: Which Type Would You Want?

girlfriendTitle: Girlfriend
Story & Art: Masaya Hokazono & Bettencourt
Status: On-going
Genre: Shoujo

Girlfriend is one of my favorite manga. It's a series of short stories about love and sex relationships between high schoolers. The stories usually continue with every volume, so you really have to read Girlfriend religiously. Don't worry though, the stories are pretty light so it's not hard reading them, plus, they can be funny too.

As I mentioned, the stories are about love and sex relationship, so everything revolves around the two themes. The characters are well-drawn too, as you can see on the picture above. They're well proportioned and the artwork actually reminds me of Ogawa Yayoi's. The lips, especially.

The stories are usually told by the women, but on later chapters, the men vent out their sexual frustrations too. Very amusing! Oh and at the end of most of the chapters, the girlfriends are given a profile so the readers will know their vital stats and interests and stuff. Girlfriend is definitely something I'd recommend for any type of manga reader there is ^___^
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