August 30, 2007

A Red-Haired Beauty Named Ignis

Jingai Makyo IgnisSeries: Jingai Makyo
Character: Ignis
Scale: 1/8 (around 7 inches)
Publisher: Alter

I finally got my Ignis figure after waiting for so long. It is kind of expensive but it really is worth every peso I spent. Her hair and clothes are sculpted in a way that it seems as if they're being blown by the wind coming from the front. I can't say anything else about her clothes except that they're really detailed. Her eyes are matte too, so they don't reflect light, which is good. The color of her eyes are enchanting too!

The paint job is excellent. I inspected my Ignis really well and I can't see any flaws on the sculpt and the painting. My only problem is that I'm scared of accidentally touching the thin parts of her hair because it might snap off at the slightest touch. Although, it is a bit durable since she's made of PVC.

Oh I also like her stand. It's plain white with the kanji of "Jingai Makyo" inscripted on it. I don't think I'll have any leaning problems with her since she's stable and stuff. Her sword is nicely sculpted too, with clean rune inscriptions painted on it. Overall, Ignis is definitely worth it. She's out of print already so if any of you get the opportunity to purchase one, do so before she slips out of your grasp!
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