August 25, 2007

It's been this long already?

It's been super long since either of us updated this blog. More like, we've both forgotten about it lol ^^ Anyway, we're both working now, same company, and we're both doing night shift meaning, 10PM til 6AM. Better than the morning or mid shift, IMO.

Uhm.. we got some hauls over the past two months. Meaning, we bought toys.
Jeff's hauls:
Alter 1/8 KOS-MOS
Yamato Minawa-chan PVC
Yamato 1/8 Wendy Garrett
Toricolle Evangelion gashapon set
HGIF Haruhi series 2
Kaiyodo Eva-01 "hard core mode"
Kotobukiya 1/8 Akari Kamigishi
Revoltech Saber
Toynami Serial Experiments Lain doll (urban outfit)
Kaiyodo/ToyTribe Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Coeli's hauls:
Alter Ignis
Dirty Pair Flash Kei
Lupin and Fujiko figures (set of two)

Yeah yeah, compared to what he bought and what I bought, he'll definitely have more toys than I in no time at all T_T Well, I have to save up for something, that's why I couldn't really give in to temptation. IGNIS WAS ALREADY TEMPTATION AND I GAVE IN!!!
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