September 25, 2007

Highway Jenny

highway jennyHighway Jenny, directed by Fukushi Masaaki, is probably one of the deepest animated movie I've ever seen. Why? Because it talks about life and death, living and dying. It has all these scenes of enjoying each day with a person you love, coupled with scenes of destruction and loneliness.

The first time I watched it, I admit, that I didn't really understand it much. I had to watch it the second time to actually get some message to sink inside me. It did...deeply.

The animation is not your typical anime and whatnot, but it's more of artsy, in the sense like you're watching an animated chalk drawing in black background. What's more, there aren't much of a dialogue, just some words and sentences scribbled on the screen for you to read. The words and sentences describe the current scene and what the character is feeling. Not only that, Highway Jenny is like one whole soundtrack. Music plays throughout the film, reflecting the changes in emotions and thoughts as well as the scenes.

I'd recommend Highway Jenny to anyone and everyone who likes animation, art films and films with a serious and thought-provoking theme to it.
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