September 11, 2007

NANA 2... I Think There Will Be A 3

NANA 2I watched NANA 2 yesterday. The quality of the movie is still the same as the first, as it closely follows the manga's story. I have one problem though: the new Hachi.

In the first NANA movie, Hachiko was played by Miyazaki Aoi but due to some problems with the story of NANA 2, she was replaced by Ichikawa Yui. (That's the rumor.) I don't like how Ichikawa did Hachi. There was something missing... Or maybe I was used to seeing Miyazaki playing Hachi since I watched NANA a lot of times.

Other character changes included:
Ren - from Matsuda Ryuhei to Nobuo Kyou
Shin - from Matsuyama Keniichi to Hongo Kanata

WARNING: If you haven't read or watched NANA (anime and/or movie), some SPOILERS are in the next paragraph.

NANA 2's story starts at the part where Hachi and Takumi meet again and one thing led to another. Yep, it's the part where everyone learns that Hachi is pregnant and Nana is devastated that Nobu isn't the father. I like the drama this time, especially when Nana and Nobu ended up crying together. Yasu played just a small part, while Ren, Reira and Naoki's lines were non-existent. If it weren't for Reira singing and the launching of Trapnest's video, I wouldn't have remembered them at all. Oh and Blast already signed up with Gaia Records and the movie ended with a concert... Making the story open up for a NANA 3, perhaps.

Oh the songs are nice. I liked Glamorous Sky and Journey better, but Blast's Hitoiro and Trapnest's Truth sounded just fine, though Blast's song is catchier this time.

If you liked NANA, I do recommend you watch NANA 2. Personally, it's still worth it despite the major character changes because the story is more important, right?
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