September 18, 2007

Himekuri Black Version

himekuripicture from HLJ
Series: Himekuri Girl
Character: Himekuri
Scale: 1/7
Sculptor: Enoki Tomohide
Publisher: Kaiyodo
Remarks: Three versions: black, white and red

I finally got the Himekuri figure! It's a birthday gift from my parents. I'm very pleased with my new figure. Himekuri is sculpted really well, plus the colors blend together perfectly. Nevermind that she's doing a bit of an...ecchi pose, because it just makes her cuter than she already is, with those big eyes and colorful ribbon.

I especially love the ribbon on her hair. It covers the seam lines where parts of her hair are glued to the main hair body. Himekuri's hair is lovely too...with just enough "movement". The creases on her skirt are quite realistic to look at, plus the paint job's matte, with a bit of glittery paint, just enough to make her look as if she's wearing leather. Well, at least, that's how it looks to me.

Even if you guys aren't loli fans like me, it still is worth getting a Himekuri because its a fine work of art. Pretty cheap too for this kind of figure, to tell you the truth. I'd get all versions but then, what will I do with three Himekuris? ^_^

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