September 27, 2007

Genshiken OVA

genshiken ovaSeries: Genshiken OVA
Episodes: 3
Studio: Ajia-do Animation Works, Genco
Genre: Seinen

I was finally able to finish watching Genshiken episodes 13, 14 and 15 -- or collectively known as Genshiken OVA. Yep, there are three episodes that still continue from the first season of Genshiken. I'll give a brief summary (without any spoilers!) of the OVA:

First episode: I Am Ogiue and I Hate Otakus
The episode opens up showing the changes that happened within Genshiken after the storyline of the first season: Sasahara is the new club president, Kaguyama is applying for a job, Madarame is looking for one, Ohno and Tanaka are busy with cosplay materials-hunting, Kosaka still is an otaku and his girlfriend, Kasukabe becomes coy with Genshiken. Oh and Kuchiki (Kucchi) becomes a regular member too.
During one of their lazy days in the club room, Ohno sees trouble in the Manga Club room as a girl opens the window and jumps down (two-stories high). The president of the Manga Club explains everything to Genshiken and makes a request from Genshiken: the president wants to dispose of the girl who jumped from their club room (introduced to them as Ogiue) and dump her into Genshiken.

Second episode: I Am from Planet Otaku
The second episode is all about Saki doing what she does best: doing make-overs and giving fashion advices (to those who need it). She criticized Ogiue and Madarame's choice of clothes, calling their style very otaku. So Madarame goes out to shop for clothes but he was having second thoughts and is losing hope about getting a new set of clothes. He uses his special otaku ability to overcome this and manages to go inside the clothing store again.

Third episode: Then I'll Undress You!
It's once again time for the annual school festival. Genshiken decides that they will use Ohno's cosplaying as their main participation in the festival. Tanaka goes around to making the costumes and Ohno discovers that he made a lot of clothes that are not for her. Tanaka is hoping that Ogiue would want to try cosplaying too and during the event, the boys of Genshiken bet on each other if Ogiue will try cosplay or not.

If you liked Genshiken, I'm sure you will watch this, or have already finished it a long time ago. Oh don't forget that Genshiken 2 is coming out on October 9, 2007...well, the first episode, at least.
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