December 11, 2007

What is Coeli's Obsession?

otaku motivational poster(Note: This post is an entry to Otaku Anonymous' contest, "What's Your Obsession?")

The readers of this blog might already have an answer to that question based on what they see and read here. Strictly speaking, I don't consider myself an otaku because I don't spend my life inside my room with anime, manga, video games and figures as company. Using the Americanized meaning of the term otaku though...well, I guess I am.

What am I a fan of:

Anime - I've seen more than 300 anime series, OVAs and movies. 300 and still counting. I've seen some of my favorite anime like Fushigi Yuugi, Rurouni Kenshin, GTO, Yu Yu Hakusho and Slam Dunk more than 5 times each. I've tons of CDs and DVDs in my room, most of them scattered just about everywhere since I've run out of space for them a long time ago.

Manga - I think I enjoy manga more than anime ever since I started reading. I have more than 250 manga already (still counting too!), most of them not generally known while some are where anime series are based on. The most I've read in one day was more than 30 volumes -- manga makes me lethargic and once I've started reading, I refuse to stop unless I really need to.

Figures - I started collecting anime and video game based figures around 5-6 years ago. It all started with a Shishio and a Seijuro (of Rurouni Kenshin) figure that I bought in a toy store in Singapore. Now I have around 50 different figures ranging from gashapon to trading figures to large figures. Add a couple of gunpla (Gundam kits) there and you have a three-tier cabinet full of figures. I've actually run out of space already so some of my gashapon are on top of the case. I still have a long list of figures I'm waiting to purchase so I need to get a larger display case first.

Video Games - Okay, I don't really have that much patience when it comes to playing video games which is why I stick to fighting games and those interesting, funny and amusing games. I do like playing samurai-themed video games though (and history-themed ones too). I did say that I don't have that much patience, but I've liked playing ever since Super Mario Bros. came out in FamiCom. Oh and I can sit in front of the console and play for more than 24 hours too.

Well, that pretty much summarizes my obsessions. The picture I posted above is pretty much how I want my collections to end up, well more than that too, but I want them organized and not just scattered everywhere. Looking back on what I've written there, I guess they really are an obsession since I can't get enough of them and I always want more, more, MORE! *evil laugh*

Oh oh if you want to see my figures, try these two links (mind you, I still have to update the albums so keep checking them out ^^):
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