December 19, 2007

The sweet-faced assassin

kiteTitle: Kite
Episodes: 2
Studio: Green Bunny
Genre: Psychological, Film Noir

I think I started too early on Kite. It was a good thing that my copy of Kite was the edited one so a lot of the heavy graphic scenes and such were cut out. Buuut, curiosity always gets the best of me, so I looked for the director's cut. It left me quite speechless after. It's definitely not for kids with all the excessive violence, sexual scenes, more violence and a whole lot of sexual scenes. The morals reflected throughout the movie isn't also something that should be taken lightly. It's twisted, sadistic and just wrong.

Aside from a bit of spoilers from here on, the summary contains things not suitable for humans 18 below. Okay, maybe 16 below.

Kite is about a young girl named Sawa. Her parents were murdered when she was still a kid and she was taken in by a police officer named Akai and his assistant, Kanie. Akai then trains Sawa to become the perfect assassin while he forces her to become his sex slave despite Sawa being in her early teens. Sawa kills whomever Akai tells her to kill and she becomes famous especially because of the special bullets that she uses.

Sawa then meets another young assassin named Oburi with whom she starts hanging out with and makes plans to run away with. Of course, Akai and Kanie won't easily let their best assassin escape just like that. Akai threatens to kill Oburi if Sawa doesn't come back to him. What follows is a series of revelations, violence, rape, et cetera, et cetera.

Disregarding the really gross sex scenes between Akai and Sawa, I found Kite quite enjoyable. I mean, sure it was twisted and all but there's a deeper meaning to everything that's been happening in Sawa's life. Or maybe I'm just thinking about it too much, and Kite is basically just some lolicon pornography of sorts.

Well I think that the story of Kite just revolves around a girl who wakes up one day, realizing that the things she thought to be right were actually wrong. Knowing this, she wants to correct her life and move on, forgetting everything bad that has happened to her. Putting it this simply, I guess anyone can relate to it. So if you're after the story itself, get the general release version of Kite. If you're after the story and how it was "supposedly" animated in actuality, get the director's cut. If you're after the porn (seeing how pretty Sawa is), get the special edition.

And no, you didn't just read the three different releases here. Okay? ^0^
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