December 2, 2007

Lenny Kravitz sings for Death Note

paper moon al azif life-size figure
Some news for today:

NANA gets back on track after Ai Yazawa's medical operation. The project stopped around June and only resumed late November. So yay! Yay!

Lenny Kravitz's song, "I'll Be Waiting," will be used in the Death Note spinoff L change the World which will hit the theaters on February 9 next year. I haven't really heard the song yet so I have no idea how it sounds. Although based on the comment Kravitz gave regarding his song being used in Death Note,

"When I heard that my new single will be used as the theme of a worldwide hit movie, I was very excited. I'm glad to be able to have this wonderful opportunity, and I'm thrilled to play it before everyone." kind of hit me that he has no idea what Death Note is.

Anyway, on December 2 - 14, 2007, the Tokyo Anime Center will hold a Life-Size Figure Party. The "life-size" part is of course, to be taken literally. Paper Moon, a famous dollmaker company, will showcase their works during this period. Around 20 - 30 1/1 scale dolls will be displayed for everyone to see. The dolls included in the mini-museum are Rei and Asuka from Evangelion, Saber from Fate/Stay Night, Lain from Serial Experiments Lain and Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo!.

Oh and you can buy these life-size figures at Tokyo Anime Center's official shop. The prices range from 200,000-480,000 Yen. Quite pricey, but for a figure that big, I guess it's worth it. Although I wouldn't really want to have one of those inside my room...kowaii... >< Source
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