December 21, 2007

The raging hormones of high school kids

boys be...Title: Boys Be...
Episodes: 13
Studio: Hal Film Maker
Genre: Shounen

Boys Be... is one of the anime series that I really enjoyed. I can't say that it has a list on my 'favorites' list, but it's something that I think I related to. Boys Be... is very realistic in terms of plot since it deals with the lives of six ordinary high school friends who are all looking for two things in their lives: love and a relationship.

So you meet six adolescents, right? There's Kyoichi who finds it difficult to tell his childhood friend, Chiharu, his feelings for her. Chiharu, likes Kyoichi back but can't tell him so she enters another relationship. Yoshihiko is a guy who's good in baseball but has no passion for it and he runs into a lot of pretty girls. Makoto, Yoshihiko and Kyoichi's friend, believes that love can be calculated and he keeps a record of all the pretty girls he sees. Yumi is in love with Makoto but she doesn't have the confidence in herself. Finally there's Aki who is in a long-distance relationship with her photographer boyfriend.

The lives of Kyoichi, Chiharu and their friends is something that anyone who has ever experienced the ups and downs of adolescence can relate to. It's a down-to-earth story that doesn't really complicate things. Well of course, when you're a teenager, everything just seems complicated - even when they're not. So if you want to relieve your teenage years, Boys Be... is one way to do it.

At the start and end of each episode is a quote that would reflect the "mood" of that episode. They're all so lovely so to end this post, I'll list down those quotes for everyone to read! (Btw, you might notice that they're all referencing a certain season - that's because the series seems to happen in a span of one year, covering all four seasons.)

"Cherry blossoms, the noble flower, witness to many an encounter over time. Cherry blossoms, the vain flower, have watched many a farewell. And again this year they bloom to watch over a lot of faint but painful feelings in the season of beginnings called spring."

"Nice memories have their own scent. Whenever you are veiled in its scent, Your heart can always return to your unforgettable past. Together with your own scenery that will never fade."

"There are many books in the library. Each book has a wonderful story that will never happen in reality. But as you fall in love, reality becomes a wonderful story, better than any novel."

"No one can stop the flow of time. But a moment captured in the frame of the heart will never disappear. That will be shown at the bottom of their hearts, and will always give off a great feeling. Sweet...and bitter."

"The color blue has a soothing effect on people. All their stresses and troubles are absorbed by the blue. Awakening honest souls which have no lies. Summer is the season...that is colored in blue."

"Not many people know when love really starts... More than a friend, but not quite lovers. A delicate relationship like this changes gradually once it is noticed, and keeps on blossoming, Just like the changing seasons."

"The summer days blow through fiercely. With the buried feeling that something is going to happen... Over a summer storm, Soon, the season will change..."

"With summer's raucous noises, a simple dream seen in spring has turned into a simple heartbreak. The melancholy autumn wind speaks quietly of its meaning...Your heart's true self..."

"In the autumn it is said that the reason why leaves fall down from the branch is to make way for new leaves to grow. No matter how sad the fallen leaves look, there will always be new sprouts in the spring. Perhaps, emptiness in the heart is something similar to that."

"All sound has died out, and the cold, dark night fills the room. Unable to go to sleep, holding on to the covers. Suddenly, that's when it strikes, as if my chest was being crushed in pain and wanted to cry. A painful and uneasy feeling. Yes, from the depths of my heart, a thing called "loneliness" will come..."

"Snow covers everything in white. It covers the sadness, softly. If there is happiness, it decorates it beautifully. The snow continues to fall..."

"An ending will come to everything in this world. It may be a fate that one could never avoid."

"There is nothing that really changes, there is nothing that really ends. It's hard to admit, but that is reality. One season ends, and another season begins."

And at the end of episode 13...

It must only be a matter of a moment once it's gone...
We should probably be able to laugh at it someday.
But the feeling will stay forever in the depths of the heart.
It's precious, only here for now. It's our season.
So, one season ends, and a new one begins...
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