December 10, 2007

Akkan Baby -- Teenager Parents

akkan babyTitle: Akkan Baby
Story & Art: Miyaouchi Saya
Volumes: 3
Genre: Shoujo

Akkan Baby is probably one of the nicest stories I've read. I wouldn't really go as far as calling it "wonderful" or "one of the best manga in the world" but it did leave a nice impression on me. It's has a pretty mature plot despite it being quite funny and with kids as the main characters.

So what is Akkan Baby all about? When you start reading the story, you get introduced to two teenagers. They're probably two of the most immature kids I've ever seen - considering their age bracket of course. We have Shigeru and Yuki who met while following a band called Conflict. When the band's leader, Rui, saw how determined the two kids are, he welcomed them as Conflict's groupie. The plot thickens when Shigeru and Yuki saw Rui and his pretty girlfriend, Nina, having sex. They didn't know what it was and decided to copy Rui and Nina. Ever since then, Yuki and Shigeru became "sex friends".

Since they're both naive and I guess they really didn't know what they were doing, Shigeru became pregnant with Yuki's child. What follows are a series of obstacles that they have to face including their parents, the mistress of their school, expulsion and the fear of being parents. They have to face all these but in the process they find out their feelings for each other and their love for their child, Muni-chan.

I don't think this is something that kids below the age of 16 should read. It encourages sex and while it promotes "safe" sex, it's still something kids shouldn't know...encouraged to do. It does tackle the responsibilities of parents and the problems and fears that parents-to-be face before and after giving birth to a child. It also doesn't promote abortion, so if you're pro-life, I guess this would be something you'd like.

The artwork isn't spectacular, mind you. It's a generic shoujo drawing style, so if you're looking for a nice story with a nice artwork to boot, skip Akkan Baby. Well...yeah, the characters are drawn decently enough. Akkan Baby also teaches lessons about being parents, as mentioned above. So...I suggest you grab a copy of Akkan Baby (if you can still find it) and give it a shot ^^
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