December 26, 2007

Kristin Kreuk = Chun-Li?

chun liCan you imagine Kristin Kreuk as Chun-Li? I'm sure practically everyone who reads this entry knows what Chun-Li looks like, and any fan of Superman must have seen Kristin Kreuk at least once (from Smallville). So, any comments on this?

I think I'm going too fast. For those who aren't aware yet, there's an upcoming Street Fighter movie that revolves around Chun-Li this time. The title? Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li. It's set to come out next year. Filming starts March next year too, in Thailand.

An early version of the script has been acquired and it says that the Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li will deal with Chun-Li's revenge:

Chun-Li's father was taken by Bison when she was just a child and was unaware of this. Well, not until her mother's death and not until she meets a character called Gen who tells Chun-Li that her father's still alive with Bison. She trains with Gen to become better at fighting, hence, she is the street fighter.

Apparently, there's not much emphasis on other characters, unless they actually show up in the movie. So far, there's Chun-Li, Gen, Nash (an Interpol police who helps Chun-Li), Bison, Vega and Balrog. The rest are just minions who are part of Bison's Shadow Law Organization.

I'm really wondering how they'd make the fight scenes here. I hope Kristin Kreuk trains hard and does Chun-Li's character justice. I think Kristin Kreuk should put some weight around her thighs, otherwise, a part of Chun-Li's essence will be removed: those strong, massive thighs that are agile enough to do a helicopter kick!
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