December 1, 2007

Women in Action!

Kaiyodo Revoltech FrauleinThis is pretty old news but Kaiyodo's new line of Revoltech figures are called Fraulein. Fraulein because these new figures are girls. Yep, after all those Revoltech mecha (like Evangelion and Gaiking) and the cute Yotsuba and Danboard Revoltechs come three female ones:

Fraulein #1: Ayanami Rei (Evangelion)

Fraulein #2: Tousaka Rin (Fate/Stay Night)

Fraulein #3: Asuka Langley

They are all on the 1/10 scale (around 15cm) with lots of movement (Rin has 20 and Rei has 18 -- Asuka's movements isn't announced yet I think) and comes with extra parts. I heard Kaiyodo's aiming for a new Fraulein release every month starting next year. I would love to own every Fraulein but they're action figures!! But I'll see. If I find it nice enough, I'll probably start collecting it.

Oh and for Shunya Yamashita fans, a new Fraulein is in the making: Fraulein #4: Heppoko Onna Senshi Pokko from his Sweet Dreams artbook. It's absolutely lovely and I'm wishing they make a 1/6 figure of her...

Kaiyodo Revoltech Fraulein
Are you into Kaiyodo Revoltechs? Will you collect the Fraulein series?
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