December 15, 2007

Manga to aid student's death + some updates

Kyoto Seika University's Faculty of Manga Chiba Daisaku mangaI just updated the Winter 2008 anime list. Some of the dates were changed, especially for the month of January, so if you're looking forward to one of the January series, better check again! And mark your calendars again too. Oh and a couple of new series are set to be aired on January too: .HACK and OnChan. No information on those yet, but links are up!

Another thing I think I'm looking forward to is the third season of Gokusen live-action. The show is set to come out on April. If you're wondering about that "I think", it's because I haven't seen the second season. Why? Because my friend demanded that I avoid it. Now that there's a third season, I just might go around watching (and finishing) the second series before April comes.

At least, Nakama Yukie is still playing Yankumi.

In other news, a 20-page manga pamphlet was released by some of the teachers and students of the Kyoto Seika University's Faculty of Manga. This is to appeal to the public for help in finding the killer of the school's student, Chiba Daisaku, last January 15 (of last year, I'm supposing).
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