September 2, 2010

August Roundup

August went by so quick and I'll be aging again in a few days.

So what happened during the last couple of weeks of August?

Me and the boyfriend attended the second day of Metro ComiCon but sadly, we only stayed for an hour due to boredom. There aren't any decent pictures to share. There were only a few booths that sell anything that would interest me, and those that did only sold items that I already have. I tried looking for some local comic books to buy (and support the local comic industry) but I didn't find any that I would want to read. (Mr. Arnold Arre, when are you going to release a new graphic novel? It has been two years since Martial Law Babies!)

As for my August hauls...

From Bacchikoi Toys:

Alter Senhime

From ChekwaToys:

Han Solo

Han Solo

Han Solo

Hauls from Toy Kingdom (when I couldn't find anything to buy during the ComiCon):

SD Gundam Sangokuden

One Piece Zoro Roronoa

Hauls from OtaKai member Raichu (giveaways for OtaKai people from Japan):

Gundam Dragon Ball

...and there you have it~ Goodbye, August! Hello, September!
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