September 3, 2010

Star Wars X Adidas Fall Collection

And it has been released: The Fall 2010 Star Wars X Adidas Collection from!


r2-d2 c-3po shoes
R2-D2 and C-3PO Droid Shoes

boba fett shoes
Boba Fett Shoes

jabba the hutt shoes
Jabba the Hutt Shoes

han solo in carbonite shoes
Han Solo in Carbonite Block Shoes

imperial army shoes
Dark Side Imperials Shoes

death stars shoes
Death Stars Shoes

chewbacca shoes
Chewbacca Shoes


boba fett jacket
Boba Fett Jacket

Dark Side Imperials Jacket

star wars jacket
Star Wars Jacket

death stars jacket
Death Stars Jacket

I'm definitely getting the Han Solo in Carbonite Block shoes. Definitely. But the Death Stars and Dark Side Imperials jackets look good too ;_; I can imagine Darth Vader and Darth Maul wearing this while entering a court for a basketball match against the Rebels lol XD
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