September 29, 2010

An isolated case, this is

I read from Kotaku that there's this 9-year-old girl who was attacked by a dog because the latter heard barking from the girl's DS as she was playing Nintendogs.

Her lower lip was bitten off by the dog, which turned out to be a bull mastiff (I super want one!).

Then this is what grandma says: "People should be told not to play it when there are dogs in the room. I blame the game for what happened to Megan. If they hadn't been playing it I don't think the dog would have gone for her."

Seriously. I played Nintendogs one too many times in the presence of all 7 dogs that I have. IN FULL VOLUME. AND MY DOGS CAN HEAR THE BARKING.
And what do they do?

Their ears perk up. Then they approach me. Then they deduce that the sound is coming from this little blue thing that I'm holding in my hands. They smell the DS. They hear the bark again. THEY LEAVE. They don't attack me, and mind you, none of my dogs went to obedience school.

Anyway, the dog, named Saracen, has been put down T_T and her owner says that the girl "..may have kicked Saracen, provoking the attack." And yes, that's what I think too.
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